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The Wombat Has Landed

Well, we made it.

Okay, we made it a few days ago, but this is the first time I've gotten around to updating, since I am writing on a--god help us all--dial-up connection. It is a measure of my geekhood that my brain keeps replaying that scene from Star Trek, where Spock complains that working with this archaic technology is like working with stone knives and bearskins. I feel his pain. (My buddy Kathy, being a dear friend, has offered the benefit of her connection to update, and if the DSL doesn't snap on in a few days, I may take her up on it.)

But anyway, we made it. The trip was uneventful--good for me, not so good for people reading about it, since I have no fascinating accounts of how the truck hit a low-flying chicken on the freeway and overturned, scattering art across eight lanes before coming to rest upside down in an ornamental fountain of General Lee. That would make for good reading--a coupla states worth of "We drove all day, and then stopped for the night," does not. About the only bad thing was that the majority of my houseplants died in Oklahoma due to a hard freeze overnight, reducing the collection down to a coupla hardy Peruvian cactus. Dunno where I'll find a Karoo Rose again--I picked it up on a whim at the botanical gardens in AZ, and I don't know how common they are--but it's my own fault for leaving an Arabian plant out in a car with snow on the ground. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

House is nice. There's some really reprehensible 70's linoleum, an elderly lime-green dishwasher, and the less said about the faux-marble bathroom countertop, the better, but those are pretty minor considerations--the other appliances are brand new, the carpet is an equally new cream, and my studio's half again the size of the old one. The deck is enormous--you could keep elephants out there--and the back of the property opens onto a sort of greenway, so pretty much it's just trees, trees, and more trees. After Tempe, it's like living in the woods. Our landlady is a pleasant woman with two dogs and a bird feeder hung from every available surface, which is fine by me--I'll be putting up feeders myself here shortly.

And really, that's about all for now. Having gotten my computer set up, I can get back to painting and catching up on my Digger backlog, which I'm glad off--those few weeks of packing-but-not-working made me feel sort've...unemployed. And I hate that. So--wombat signing off for now, shall hopefully return with a real connection in the next few days.

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It is good to hear you had a safe journey. I'm also VERY glad you posted again as I was having deep irrational withdrawal symptoms for wombat flavored journal entries. I never knew wombats were addictive " shakes fist" Damn you I'm hooked! :).
Congratulations on moving into your new place.

Glad you made it safe and sound, and welcome to the East Coast!

I for one am glad that your trip was uneventful. I'd hate to have heard about the chicken or the over-turned truck :)

re: the 70's linoleum and the faux marble: Our Victorian house came with mustard yellow wall paper in the dining room and bedroom, mustard yellow kitchen counters with off-white cabinets (so the room looks perpetually dingy) and faux-victorian print wallpaper in the living room and sitting room. ANd did I mention the carpeting in both bathrooms and in the kitchen? *shudder*

Best of luck settling in and getting the DSL hooked up. I look forward to the return of the 'wombat flavored' journal entries.

Welcome to North Carolina!~BG~

I have something for you *pokepoke*

Yaaay! It's good to see Ursula returned! I'm glad your adventure was boring and uneventful and the house is likeable. :)

I saw a children's book about wombats at the library the other day and immediately wanted to kick the illustrator for not being you. :> Poor wombatses, lacking their Ursula. :/

Anyhow, congrats!

Your plants

Try Builtmore house sometime they have some for sale in the gift shop in the gardens. Rare plants I mean.

Believe me, Ursula, we're glad that you're safe and sound, whether or not you had entertaining interludes along the way! Oh, and if you cared, the Mars landers are apparently both safe and sound and reporting in just fine now. ('gryn) Which is what 'The Wombat has landed' made me think of.

two dogs and a bird feeder hung from every available surface.

Did anyone else's mind just go to an odd image?


Not until you pointed it out. Damn you, Kass. X)

GAAAAAH! *rolls around laughing til she dies*

Glad your trip was uneventful. That's the best kind of move. And welcome to NC! Sounds like you're well-situated -- my house-goal is to have tons of trees in the backyard, too. In most of the carefully matched subdivisions around here, that's sadly hard to find.

Get ready for an avalanche of birds when you put up the feeders.

Glad the move went well, and welcome to "the south". :D You do not need to describe faux-marble countertops to me, I know 'em well.

I love you, Mutley.

Welcome to the neighborhood, write or call anytime. Our place, oddly enough, also has a huge deck and the back opens onto the city Greenway.

You only have dial-up? Welcome to the outback! 8)

Glad you made it in okay. And, I had a "Gee, I want to show this to Ursula" moment earlier today whilst organizing the books.

The book title is "Witch and Wombat". The author is Carolyn Cushman.
Said book is now quite firmly in my To Be Read Really Soon pile.

**laughs** I think I recommended that to her a while ago--had a similar reaction. It's... definitely different. And Wombats are In this Season.

Whew, glad to hear you made it to the new nest in one piece! I, too, was going through BLAFD! withdrawal..

Here's to hoping that settling into the new place goes smoothly *raises glass*.

Congratulations on an uneventful move and an equally uneventful new house. Though that green dishwasher comes close...

And waddayamean, dial-up is stone age?? Yeah, sure, high-speed (DLS, cable, wahtever) is nice, but expensive and not installed everywhere, as you now see. I refuse to pay twice the money for something that will be less than twice the speed of what I currently have... You're just hooked on speed. :>

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