UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


My profound apologies to anybody with an RSS feed of my blog. I'm blaming Kevin for this one. He set up the import to get all the old posts to Tea with the Squash God...unfortunately, both of us forgot to turn off the crosspost function! The end result is that there are now duplicate posts through about 2005, which is when a vague thought drifted through my brain that hey, wasn't there a--OH CRAPCRAPCRAPWHATHAVEWEDONE!?

This may have showed up on RSS feeds as a sudden influx of posts. (I suggest you just turn that off for the moment...)

We're trying to find clever ways to deal with the duplicates that don't involve Kevin going in manually and deleting every one by hand, but...well...hey, the imports worked! (except for stuff with images, which is all borkified.)
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