UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Quail Talk

I am in that hellish authorial hinterland of Waiting To Hear How The Sales Meeting Went. This is the meeting that determines whether they’re actually buying more Dragonbreath, or the bread wizard story, or nothing, or everything, and thus whether I am gainfully employed through next year or at the end of this year, I am pitched back into trying-to-sell-the-next-book mode.

So I’m chewing my nails down to the quick and waiting for The Word.

In the meantime, there is art.

My original plan was to change up the colors and do the piece in red and violet-blue. After about six hours, I over painted most of it what I had in heavy Mars black, stamped “Art is Hard” on it white ink, and threw it into a corner of the studio, hopefully never to be seen again, and did this instead.

Original for sale, prints available, 6 x 8 mixed media. Now, back to biting my nails...

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Tags: art
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