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Bug photos!

Allow me to pick the more insect-savvy readers' brains...

I'm a dragonfly! But what kind of dragonfly am I? 

I have been hanging out on the bee balm for days. Aren't my antennae fantastic?

IDs greatly appreciated!

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Well, dragonflies aren't my area of expertise - and ID of them is easier if you have a clear shot of the wing veination - but I am VASTLY amused that the one you got a shot of seems to be perched on a poppy seedpod.

As for Bug #2, I'm also voting for katydid nymph.

*grin* I have one little poppy plant in my garden, because the seed pods are so lovely, and Mom used to grow them in her garden.

Owing to a misspent youth, I theoretically have the know-how to harvest some crude opium, but not the inclination.

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