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Bug photos!

Allow me to pick the more insect-savvy readers' brains...

I'm a dragonfly! But what kind of dragonfly am I? 

I have been hanging out on the bee balm for days. Aren't my antennae fantastic?

IDs greatly appreciated!

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The first looks to be a chromatic dragonfly. It looks to be of the adult age range, so it has 4HD and a 3d6 breath weapon...

The second is a Grig. Someone has stolen his fiddle and he's looking to hire an adventuring party to get it back...

This. Is. Made. Of. TOTAL WIN. My fave response, hands down. LOL

Oh my god, I just broke something laughing as quietly as I could so not to wake people while wanting to LOL.

For some reason, I first read 4HD as four-wheel drive and thought, "whoa, dragonflies have four-wheel drive?!"

But what you said makes much more sense. =)

Only elephants has four-wheel drive. Hyenas and giraffes have front-wheel drive, whereas most other quadruped mammals have rear-wheel drive. I don't know 'bout insects.

*may have watched wayyy too much Top Gear*

This is still a tossup between you and blackbyrd2's response XD

I have an icon I made very much like yours around somewhere. That is my favorite line in the whole series.

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