UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


Whew! Back from a friend's wedding-y celebration at the Outer Banks. It was lovely. I bought a peace frog mug. We saw foxes on the beach and ghost crabs and a dragonfly landed on me, and then transferred to Kevin and Would Not Leave, no matter how much shaking and shooing went on, so Kevin carried him around for five minutes. There were teeny tiny burrowing clams and an orange moon coming up over the ocean at night and crab legs and a toilet that sang a peculiar moaning three-note song whenever you flushed it, perhaps attempting to communicate with whales. It was good.

I now have exactly one day to prepare before heading to A-kon in Dallas tomorrow. Mr. Printy II is running off prints so fast it's smoking, Kevin is packing the con-kit, and I still have to go pack my actual bags.

*pant pant pant*

But the rain has made my garden grow even larger, and I'm hoping that 'pon my return, a couple of the flowers that have been threatening to pop finally do. So that should be good.
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