UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Okay, Can't Resist

I'm telling you, it's addictive.

The Germinator
-- Start a plant from seed

You Fool, You've Doomed Us All -- Plant a zucchini

Little Yard on the Prairie -- plant or restore a native prairie planting (small scale)

Day of the Triffids -- successfully grow a carnivorous plant

Great Things In Small Packages -- Unlock 5 achievements in a rooftop or balcony garden

Contain Yourself -- Unlock 5 achievements in a container garden

Go Native -- plant 5 native species (would stack, perhaps at percentages of plants, 25% native, 50% native, etc...)

-- ID 50 separate species of plant and animal in your garden (This would probably have to stack at 100 and 200 as well...)

Weedslayer -- Pull 50 weeds

Long-Term Planning -- plant a tree

Size Matters -- successfully grow a plant more than six feet tall or six feet wide

I'd do icons or something, but there's way too many potential achievements...nor do I have any idea of a fun way to track them. (Icons on a website sidebar, with mouseover text?) Maybe it needs an iPhone app or something.
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