UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Bits ‘n Pieces…

A couple of art bits left over from AC. Both of ‘em are for sale–drop a line about pricing!

Skunk-chan beckons you!  (4 x 6, matted)

Fear my vividness!  (6 x 9, already matted)

In other news, Dragonbreath 1 is now in its 7th printing (!!!) and has a snazzy new spine to match the rest of the series.  And it’s looking like the bread wizard novel may actually have an offer–details as and if anything comes to pass.

And I’m finally committing an act I almost never commit…I’ve realized that I’d hate to see Gorman’s Rabbit sell, so I’m hanging it on my own wall. I can count the pieces on the fingers of one hand that I’ve liked enough to keep, so that’s a rarity worth documenting.

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Tags: art
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