UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


Amphibian, ho! The photo is a little blurry–Kevin got it with his iPhone–but unless I miss my guess, this little guy is a juvenile Fowler’s Toad, one of the most common toads in our area.

The presence of a juvenile amphibian of any variety is cause for celebration in this amphibian-hostile world, so I celebrate by doing the dance of frog biodiversity, which resembles many of my other dances, and also a Muppet having a seizure.

Toadlet here eats insects and small invertebrates, but apparently does not like earthworms, which means that he is super-uber welcome in my yard, and I would have done the dance of toad welcoming, but I suspected that the neighbors would look at me funny, and Kevin would have gotten that one expression, and anyway, it might have scared the toad.

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Tags: animals, my garden
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