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The Plants Continue…

Thanks to everybody who wrote in on the Mystery of the Murderous Garlic–very helpful! (And if you have this problem yourself, the LJ thread has a wealth of information!) Clearly I have been spoiled by native plant gardening, and need to adjust my expectations to the fact that vegetables are divas and require watering more then every three weeks.  (When I expand the bed this fall in preparation for next year’s all-out veggie assault, I will include a soaker hose.)

It’s too damn hot to do anything worthwhile in the yard other than fill the birdbaths and dump a little water on the newest plants.  Having done that this morning, I am hoping that I will actually summon the rainstorm that is threatening to blow through.

Meanwhile, have some random photos.

The rose mallow, a type of hibiscus, has flowered extravagantly. I cannot get over the fact that you can plant hibiscus in the GROUND here.

My volunteer sunflower has flowered. Next year, I will find a way to grow those mammoth sunflowers...

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