UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

So That’s What Millet Looks Like

Doing some long overdue weeding under the birdfeeder today to clear out the Bermuda grass and the other oddities–I left the volunteer sunflower, but the tall, columnal plant with the big seedhead was starting to scare me a little. I yanked it out, noting the shape of the seedheads, and went on-line, where I discovered that it is, in fact, the adult form of millet.

Which makes sense, because it’s under the birdfeeder where the volunteers grow.

A great plant, millet, a useful grain, and clearly easy to grow, as all the labor was provided by mourning doves. Not, however, appropriate for that section of my garden. I have plans to expand vegetable production, but growing grains is a level of complexity I’m content to leave to the agricultural-industrial complex, and the occasional hopeful sampling of bread at the farmer’s market. (So far it has all had the texture and consistency of paving brick, but I hold out hope!)

Although I suspect the birds would like the millet, if I let it go somewhere else…

Millet photo by Dalgial, Wikimedia Commons

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