UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of Life: Boyfriend Division

Kevin is sitting in his dark office, lit only by the blue computer screen, slumped back in the chair, tattooed arms on the desk, brow furrowed, to all appearances in Angry Bald Man mode. Sami, the black cat, is laying on the desk, her tail flicking in idle annoyance. We are also currently having a thunderstorm, just to add to the mood.

Kevin is listening to the News from Lake Wobegon.

“Awww!” I said, pausing in the doorway. “The lights off, Prairie Home Companion on…it’s…emo Lutheran!”

He mimed taking a drag off a nonexistant cigarette. “Life is shit, dontcha know.”


Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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