UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Azul Shrine

Aaaand one last one…the scan on this is atrocious, and I do apologize–I think the thing you see best is the fingerprints on my scanner bed! It’s a weird shape, though, and hard to scan, and photography was getting grumpy at me.

Worship of St. Azul was banned in some parts of the Gearworld, as the introduction of green and growing things was the primary detriment to operation of the gears. Clandestine shrines, however, abound.

8 x 11. I had the shrine shape for ages, I couldn’t think of what to put in it, and finally I did a tiny print of St. Azul, mounted him on thick paper, and put a coat of red oxide on him to match the colors of the rest of the shrine.

He is for sale, of course–drop a line or send an e-mail for pricing/availability!

ETA: And to e-bay he goes...

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Tags: art, gearworld
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