UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Horned Girl


12 x 24, mixed media

I painted this a good year and a half ago, and thus have no memory whatsoever of what I was thinking about at the time, except that apparently I was still in my vague-Klimt phase, and somehow that spawned a horned girl and her horned rat. Meanwhile, the painting has been kicking around my studio since then, and I keep meaning to get around to scanning it, and then I don’t.

I finally did scan it. Possibly I am just trying to avoid going down and putting more red paint on the walls. The bits that are done look fantastic, but lord, that’s a lot of paint…

The metallics failed to scan yet again–there’s a fairly intricate gold spiral pattern on part of her clothes, which stands out from the copper in person, but not on the scanner bed. Ah, well.

Prints available! Original sold!

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Tags: art
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