UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Paint a Biting Pear Contest!

Been meaning to post about this, but getting distracted as usual. Patch Together is doing a “paint a biting pear” contest!

Much like Floxy the fox, their mascot, they want to do more pears, in a variety of designs, which means they’re running an ongoing paint-a-pear contest–do a design, win prizes, get your pear design produced, etc. The prize is $100 cash, $100 store credit, and a case of pear figurines–not too shabby!  (Look on the main page, in the paint-Floxy banny on the lower right–it scrolls over to the paint-a-pear contest after a few seconds.)

You can download a pear template here.

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Tags: biting pear
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