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Okay, people have asked, and I’ve got the painting far enough along that it might actually work, although I could still decide it’s utter crap and go sulk back to the drawing board.*

Would anybody be interested in Taxman II? I’d run it more or less the same as the one back in ‘08–$25 plus shipping, a limited edition open for a week, and however many sell is the size of the edition (plus 2, since I like to keep the first and last for shows.)

It’s a hellacious amount of work, I confess freely, and involved the printer running until it threatened to catch fire last time, which is why I’m inquiring as to interest before I commit to flinging myself into it…but I got nailed hard enough on taxes this year, and there was the extra insult to injury there at the end, that I don’t feel bad running the edition (which I certainly wouldn’t do in a year when, say, I got a refund!)

I’m really just looking for expressions of interest–you’re not committing, I don’t keep track of the comment IDs, if the art comes up and you go “Oh god! That sucks!” (or “Oh god! That’s creepy!” which I got last year, and am sympathetic to…maybe I should do an alternative Cute Chibi Taxman or something…) I’m not gonna wonder why you didn’t order. I am nothing remotely like that organized, don’t worry. I’d just hate to gear myself up for it and then wind up with an edition of three… *grin*

*I retain this right about all my paintings until they are finished, and in some cases, years after.

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Tags: art
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