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It’s Taxman Time!

Well, as promised–it’s that time! Taxman II is open for orders!

This year, we have two offerings. The first is the classic Taxman in all his alarming glory:

Taxman II: Rising Water

I'm not underwater yet, but I do occasionally feel the water lapping at my ankles...

Why herons, you ask? Because I like herons. And the beaks matched, and…okay, look, if drawing herons with goggles is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Taxman II is available for one week only, as a limited edition jumbo print. (13 x 19) for $25 plus shipping.  However many orders we get is the size of the edition, plus two for art shows. You can order directly from the website via paypal, at that handy link. However, since some people don’t get paid in the next week, or don’t do paypal and wanna pay by check, if you send me an e-mail in the next week, I will add you to the list.  But at the end of the week, it’s over!

And for those people who want to participate, but thought that the classic Taxman was just a little too creepy and not something they could have staring at them (and believe me, I understand!) I offer the following alternative-:

Tea With The Taxman

He’ll still take all your money, it’ll just be much less alarming when he does it.

Tea With The Taxman will also be available, as an 8 x 10 for $10, for one week only, same edition rules as his big brother.  (You can also order both, and save on shipping–there’s a button on both order pages for that.)

Anyway, hope one of those tickles your fancy, any questions just ask in the comments or send an e-mail, and hopefully next year I won’t get hit with the late-late tax “adjustment” and won’t have to do this again!

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Oh Bravo!

*wanders off to order*

What are the odds that if ordered today it'll arrive in time for Halloween?

Um. I honestly don't know. 50/50? The edition will close the 18th, but depending on the size of the order, I may be shipping these out for weeks (I was last time!) so it's hard to say.

On the other hand, if I sell ten of 'em, pretty darn good.

why herons? Herons are totally appropriate! If you are an angler cleaning your catch at dockside, a heron will snap up a freshly sliced fillet faster than the taxman grabs a third of your paycheck. they are beautiful, but they are relentless, devious, and... well, a lot like the IRS, really. With the similar beak and all, the taxman could be a heron.

You should design for Lady Gaga.

Hmm. I wonder if I feel a new frog coming on?

I love the taxman one. Being an accountant, I feel that this is appropriate for my office, and how!

Can you add me to the list? I don't get paid until next Friday. D:

Send me an e-mail at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com -- I'll need an e-mail on file, I'm not nearly organized enough to do it via comments.

I must have both of these. MUST.

Man, I really love the first one. It's especially neat how his coat seems to be meant for someone who's three times as wide, but he's managed to lay the shoulders so that it looks like it was made for him.

I just don't want a huge picture of him hanging in my house. He'd be especially prominent because I don't have an art collection yet. I'm not even sure if I could be around a framed postcard of him.

Gah!! I LOVE the taxman print. I really do! 13x19 is too large for my space though. I don't suppose you're doing the Rising Waters in a 8x10? (I'd happily pay the $25 for the smaller size, it's not a saving cash ploy, promise!) No worries if it's not feasible, though. :)

I get that these are art for the taxman and all, but to me it's a bit visually jarring to see a dollar bill sign on a plague doctor!
(note, I still love them and plan to get this latest edition)

Edited at 2010-10-12 12:39 am (UTC)

Ordered both because I just couldn't decide... :)

Ordered two teatimes--one for me, and one to keep in reserve for my mom's birthday--she's a BIG tea fan, and she was born on April the 15th. XD

If anyone asks why herons, well, I'm not sure what they're doing here. Even if one may not understand your every artistic choice, one certainly ought to recognize herons with goggles or adorable plague doctors with tea as "this is what Ursula does."

And these will be numbers 9 and 10 in my collection of plague doctor art pieces.
The first Taxman started it.