UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

In His Ponderous Style

6 x 9, mixed media

Did this one before my back went out, and have been unable to scan it until today. (I’m still in some pain and should probably go lay down soon, but with the aid of a heat pad, have managed to sit at my desk for a full Digger and some noodling around on Dragonbreath. Kevin flatly refused to let me spackle and had all sorts of well-reasoned arguments for why it would be a bad idea, and all I could meet it with was “But I’m TIRED of being bedridden!” Thank god for the games Westward III & IV, which have given me little settlers to push around for hours on end.)

Anyway, it’s another weird little collage piece, with the crow drawn on acetate and overlaid over the background. (I like the splatters, but maybe needs more of them so that some of the lines don’t get lost…) The quote was selected at random from one of the books I have laying around to be sacrificed to art. Prints are available, original is for sale if anybody’s interested–-drop a line.

ETA: Birds on acetate. Who knew? Original, by popular inquiry, sent to ebay!

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Tags: art
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