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(no subject)

Having promised a photo of my latest insanity, and since this is mostly you guys's fault for having commented on the long ago doodle that gave rise to it, I direct your attention to


Keep your Charismatic Vertebrate totems--Slug is my co-pilot!

Now I just gotta finish my uni-slug, and I think it'll be out of my system...

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As I recall, that was related to this essay?

I'm just waiting for the inevitable-if-it-hasn't-been-written-already Shadowrun totem definition.


No, actually it was some random doodle from a past entry
that a few people had liked.

Um. Wow. Y'know, I had thought "I bet there's someone out there who's into slug totems," but then I thought "Oh, c'mon, don't be ridiculous."

That's what I get for assuming that I can out-weird the internet.

One of the recent "laws of the net" I recall coming across was "For any topic, no matter how weird, bizarre or obscure you think it is, there's at least three websites devoted to it."

Corollary: "All the website owners on that topic will know of each other's work, and at least two will dislike at least one of the other two."

Oh, you can never out-weird the internet. :D

Kinda refreshing, in a bizarro way, that there's at least one person there who's spirit animal isn't a bitey and noble and charismatic carnivore.

I still like the 'goodbye cruel world' balloon.
But that rocks anyway. Cheers!

Excellent! :D

I especially like the goop leaking out from behind the... er... the thing, there.

I used to live in Seattle. Brrrr..... Yes you got the slime and the odd "optomistic asymmetry" of their eyestalks done well.


that's awesome :D
I love the trail of snot behind the slug, and the slime dripping off the picture.

OMG! LOVIN' slug totem!

And yes, slime is much fun to paint... Welcome to the 'ick' factor. (This is a detail of this piece of artwork.)

I love your ability to take some of the most obscure, and even "unloved" creatures of the animal kingdom and make them anthro. : )

This is great. :D The slime especially.

Wahaha! Fantastic job on that. I like the slime dripping off the shield.

It might've been more appropriate if s/he was made to look like a Pacific Northwest totem, though- I don't think there are banana slugs in the Plains? But the image works great, and I can see why you did it this way.

What would you say the attributes of the Slug totem are? (No, I don't say that in grand seriousness. But I do know you'll have an entertaining answer.)

Hah! Oh, that makes me happy!

*Blinks* That is insanely cool. And hysterical at the same time. BWAH! You'll be selling prints of these, right?

Absolutely! And probably the original too.

11 x 14 mixed media--watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, acrylic ink, the kitchen sink...

You make me wish that
A) I was a better artist and
B) that I had money so I could buy your art! Being a starving college student sucks.

I just want you to know I consider it entirely your fault that I just told someone I was an addictive psychotropic slug and then invited them to suck me.

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