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Today we were iced in, but I was really productive anyway! I did 3 miles on the exercise bike and matted prints for the upcoming MarsCon. We cleaned out the pantry and got rid of all the old beans and boxes of Bisquick that expired in ‘05, giving us a shelf that could be used for the overflow from the tea shelf. The tea shelf had become like 3-D Tetris, so this was A Good Thing.

Also, art!

Aunt Frances, 5 x 5.5, assemblage

There is an entire family of disgruntled birds in my head and more importantly, in my sketchbook, although lord knows if I’ll ever get around to building houses for most of them.

Although Aunt Frances–who clearly belongs to that great  sorority of aunts that includes Patty and Selma–isn’t looking particularly disgruntled, I must say. Mind you, after the rum comes out, I’m generally pretty well-gruntled myself…

Original for sale, prints available, as usual.

White Cat II, 8 x 16, mixed media on board

Angus posed for this one. He is a good little cat, but he is still thinking cat thoughts, which are not entirely trustworthy.

Original also for sale, and prints also available!

ETA: So I went to get tea, and by the time I got back to the keyboard, it was clear the White Cat needed to go to e-bay...

ETA Redux: And Aunt Frances....

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