UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

MarsCon Ho!

So Kevin and I will be doin’ MarsCon in Williamsburg VA this weekend! I am the artist guest of honor, there’ll be art in the art show, we’ll have prints for sale, Kevin will likely wear a kilt*, all will be hopefully be awesomeness. (I’ve never done MarsCon before, so this’ll be an adventure…)

I b’lieve I have my GoH panel Friday night, so if you’re attending the con, come on by! Save me from an empty room!

Meanwhile, this is what is currently on my desk.

Benjamin T. Cat and art supplies

The sad thing is that he is currently asleep in this position, completely dead to the world, using my PITT markers as a chin rest. He must be doing the feline amorphous solid thing. Angus came up and poked him a bit earlier and didn’t get more than a vague ear flick.

At least he doesn’t drool in his sleep any more. That would be an unpleasant surprise next time I inked.


*Ambient temperature will preclude me from wearing The Boots, as anything short enough not to get snagged on my own spikes will provide the approximate insulating value of toilet paper.  But I’m hoping to get them out at least ONCE this year.

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