UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


A hit of spring! Finest uncut!

You see that? That’s spring, right there! Finest kind! Pure and uncut!

Well, actually they’re daffodils, part of the large drift planted out here many years ago, which are always the first to come back. They’re also the only successful bulbs left from the pre-Ursula-gardening days—the lovely purple iris always falls over and rots and is getting wimpier and wimpier, and the tiger lilies so poorly placed along the back walkway get sickly and burnt almost immediately and are slated to be overgrown with vegetables this spring. (If it kills them I won’t miss them, and if they survive, I do not object to tiger lilies standing amongst the peas.) But the daffodils soldier on, even when I disrupt them by plunking in mountain mint over the top of them.

Daffodils do little useful for wildlife—beekeepers say that they aren’t a favorite of bees, although they do produce some pollen and will occasionally be visited. (If you’re looking for an early spring flower for bees, Virginia Bluebells, Dutchman’s Breeches or Bloodroot would do a lot better—or if you’ve got the space, dogwoods or redbuds are a REAL feast.) But the daffodils do a lot of good for ME by showing up and waving the flag of encroaching spring, even in absurdly early February, so while I won’t plant any more, I’m glad they’re already there.

In other garden news, I’m now one of the full-time bloggers at Beautiful Wildlife Garden. I am somewhat humbled that they’re letting a gardener as inept as I am in, but hey, I tell it well.

I’ll be blogging alternate Mondays, and my post on Carolina wrens is up today!

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