UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

KUEC #24

We are back! Barely! There were massive flight delays and much rushing down concourses and missing of lunches and so on, but now we are home and alive and the dogs missed us and the cats are pretending not to care but are still somehow spending more time in the bedroom than usual.

And my artichoke seeds sprouted spectacularly and have ginormous leaf-sets. Tomorrow I may get ambitious and plant peas, but there's a lot of e-mail and print running and flailing to catch up on first. To say nothing of dealing with my crawfish withdrawal.

New Digger on Thursday, photos of my workshop project (The Gothest Box Ever) soon, and in the meantime we have a KUEC, with the delightful title "For that price, it better have chunks of Paula Deen in it!"

Also available on iTunes!
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