UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Pollinator Shrine

I haven’t managed to successfully photograph the Box of Doom from Michael DeMeng’s workshop, but it’s coming. (Kevin is helping.)

He did get this one photographed nicely, though!

7 x 7.5, assemblage

Bombus is the Latin for the genus that includes all our lovely bumblebees, many of which have declined substantially in recent years. (It’s not just honeybees, alas.)

This is the first thing I’ve built since getting back from the workshop, and I was delighted to make use of many of my snazzy new skills, like Dremel-handling and caulk-wielding!* It was hard to do, but hard in a different way than 2-d art is hard, which I think is what I really enjoy about assemblage.

Anyway, original is for sale, drop a line, I, uh, haven’t a clue what to price these at, I confess, so you might get a bargain, or it might go to e-bay, or I might wind up with five hundred of these on my wall. (I don’t want that. I mean, I’ll probably keep making them, I enjoy the process, it makes me feel all competent and power-tool-y, but the disadvantage to 3-d work is that you can’t store it flat in a file, so if they don’t sell, I’ll start running out of shelf space before long. I don’t know how potters do it.)

*Go ahead, say it, get it out of your system, I’ll wait…

ETA: Okay, since I have NO IDEA how to price this, and a bunch of people have asked--to e-bay! We'll figure it out together!

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Tags: art
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