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The Wombat Has Left The Building

I had vague thoughts of doing some kind of useful wrap post here—maybe talk about how far I’ve come since Digger started, although honestly, I mostly find myself thinking of the difference in the view from my desk, between that tiny little rat-hole apartment in St. Paul, with my back wedged against a dying radiator and a view of the basement through a hole in the floor, to this spacious room half a continent away with the sun streaming through the window.

I am a little sad, but not as crushingly as I expected. Digger has been over in my head for awhile now, and all the various voices had quieted down awhile ago. They’d offer dialog if I poked them, but I was no longer taking dictation in the shower.  So it’s a good time to end.

Last night Kevin and I had cheap sushi and cheesecake and gin, and I didn’t wake up with any deep black gulf of despair in my head screaming “OH GOD, WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!” And then a truck pulled up with my mountain of mulch being delivered. And now I figure that probably the best way to celebrate the end of something like Digger is to move dirt around.

And in answer to all the readers who said “But–what happened to THIS character?!” the answer is that they went on and lived their lives as they saw fit, and if they have not since died, they are living there still.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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And a shovel.

The little wombat could, and did.

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Thank you for giving us a fantasy heroine who is sensible, snarky, and really DOES kick ass.

ah the places you'll go....

and the places you've been.

snookies. heh. i just sent you an email.

thank you and yes. moving mulch is the BEST way to celebrate digger!

Along with some cantilevering, perhaps.

Thank you- for the story, and for letting it end. I'm glad to see Digger go this way- not with trumpets and fanfare and more exasperation, but quietly able to get on with life, already. Good speed, sweet wombat, and flights of literate rats...uh...actually, forget the rats. May a good engineering job still wait for you at home!

Considering the description of the trip to get back home, there will probably be trumpets and fanfare and more exasperation, and possibly surprise visits from Shadolescent... But really, after you've done all Digger has done, it'll just be slogging through the messy parts, no doubt.

(Mind you, in the movie version, there should totally be little few-second blips of Digger saying goodbye to her various friends in various ways, while the credits roll around them. But that's movie-storytelling and ain't the same.)

I'd be tempted to have that last page as a Tshirt, myself.
Wear it to Dragon and see how many people go: "DIGGER!!!!"

Tell Sofawolf that some of us would like the entire series in one or two volumes. Much easier to not-lose in the press of all the books.

Hardback option would be nice too

And PDF would be nice -- the size format fits quite well on my iPad and I have been discovering the joys of "a large library that can be taken into the bathroom without threat of toppling into the tub." >_>

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I am ridiculously sad right now. I wanted to see Shadowchild again. :(

Agreed!! But it's good to know Shadowchild is still out there, if it asked the bandersnatches not to leave without Digger.

...the answer is that they went on and lived their lives as they saw fit, and if they have not since died, they are living there still.

Well said!!!

I am sorry we don't get to see her trek home, but it does seem like a fitting ending. *hugs* Thank you so much for all the joy you've brought with this! :)

Thank you so much for a wonderful series. :)

Thank you. It was excellent.

Ursula, I'm still somewhat new to Digger, despite star_death's continued assistance that I read it.
About 3 months ago I decided to finally listen to her and went on a marathon session one night to catch up.
It was a night well spent.
It's too bad I came in at the end of her voyage.
I've enjoyed the time spent with her and her compatriots.
The way this has ended is promising.
It just demonstrates that there are no ends, only new beginnings.
Thank you for all that you've put into this strip.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Thank you Ursula! To think I started reading Digger as a freshman in high school and am now a junior in art school. It's been a great ride.

Well, this was an EXCELLENT day to get Batbreath, lemme tell ya (which is FANTASTIC; I love bats).

There are fewer tears than I expected, possibly because the ending was so understated, or because, like you, I'd already gotten adjusted to it coming to an end. That's not to say I'm not ridiculously sad, because I am, but it's a good sad.

As I said there, I'll probably keep trawling the archives every so often. I've been through five times already, though not since, well, Ed. It's so long by now, I forget some of the earlier stuff and it makes me laugh just as much as it did the first time. Or cry.

Well, now thinking about all of that is getting me teary, so I'll just go read Batbreath again instead of getting myself all sad. Thank you so much for Digger, Ursula. There isn't any part of that story that I feel is wrong; it all fits together.

Wait wait wiat, Batbreath is OUT?