UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Primitive Birders

8 x 8 mixed media on gessoboard

On the one hand, I went birding last week.

On t’other, I just picked up the new Jean Auel book, Land of Painted Caves, which is representing the Ice Age nicely by moving like a glacier. (Seriously, 250+ pages, no discernable plot, they’re just going from cave painting to cave painting and recapping the Entire Bloody Series on the way… It even took 180 pages before there was an overwrought sex scene, which for an Auel book is rather astounding.)

So really, this was probably inevitable…

Anyway, 8 x 8, original for sale, drop a line, prints available as always. I’ve got a couple more assemblage pieces in need of photographing, but since I’m firmly in the middle of Dragonbreath 6 art, I haven’t gotten all that much done.  I have the ideas, but not the energy, between Dragonbreath and moving mulch. Oh, the endless mulch…

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Tags: art
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