UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

A coupla things…

I am pretty much too busy to breathe these days, and what spare minutes I get are spent trying to conquer Mt. Mulch. But I have links and doodles!

KUEC #30: “All the hot dogs have floated to the top” in which we eat food from a truck stop in Georgia. (Never question our dedication. Our sanity, our good taste, our odds of survival, yes, absolutely—but not the dedication!)

I’ve got a post on teeny weeny cricket frogs over at Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and while I am at the glorified-doodles-only stage of productivity, here’s a couple tiny pieces of small creatures.

Small Creature With Dashing Hat

3.5 x 5 on gessoboard

Small Creature With Very Small Onion

3 x 5

Originals are for sale, drop a line—probably won’t be doing prints of these, they’re too small. I have been doodling various version of them for a couple of days, so there may be a few more, or perhaps I will be seized with a desire to do something Massive And Epic, despite being under the gun for Dragonbreath, or possibly the mulch will fall on me.

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