UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Lessons Learned…

So today I put plants in the new pond.

This proved more complicated than I expected.

Turns out that potting soil floats. Who knew? Even weighed down with rocks…well…let’s just say that my shiny new pond now appears to have been used as a toilet by something with a colon the size of a jet engine and a diet sorely lacking in fiber.

I believe I will call the pond “Lake Learning Experience.”

So apparently I need to go buy a net or something to skim grunge out of it.  The plants have been placed…more or less…and consist of native horsetail (contained in pots–under “Spread” the nursery had simply written “Watch out!”) an adorable variant called “Tiny Horsetail” which is less invasive and very wee, some sweet flag and Louisiana iris. The sweet flag and the iris are largely experimental–we’ll see if they actually thrive in those conditions, or if in a few weeks I’ll be hauling them out and planting them pond-side instead.  The horsetail, which would apparently thrive in the bowels of hell, is what I had really planned to have growing in the pond anyway, but I’m not gonna complain if I can get the Louisiana iris to grow.

They’re all in, anyway. I got covered in mud and stress-tested the drainage around the edges of the pond (So far, so good! We’ll see how it does when it rains!) and one of the horsetails is heeled over at about a thirty degree angle, but no one died or fell in, and that’s the important thing…

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Tags: my garden, plants
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