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The Puffin’s Corset

It’s been a hang-on-like-grim-death sort of week, what with one thing and another, and I’m having to put together art for two back-to-back conventions, which means that if I assume that I will have leftovers from the first show, I will sell out completely, but if I prepare fully for both shows, sales will be wrist-slittingly poor across the board. This is just the way of the world, so I am fitting in art where I can between the final death march of Dragonbreath 6 illustrations.

On the bright side, I have a sexy puffin. Many things are tolerable if you also have a sexy puffin.

6 x 8, mixed media on print sealed to board

(I firmly believe that even the most clownish creatures in the animal kingdom probably want to feel sexy occasionally, and absolutely ought to be able to, goddamnit.*)

It’s nice to get back to making art, even frantically and under the gun as I am, and I’m really pleased with how some of them are coming out. The weird quasi-pastel quality of the colored pencil-over-clear gesso is a lot of fun to play with.

The sexy puffin will go to DucKcon and/or Anthrocon, unless somebody makes me the proverbial Offer I Cannot Refuse beforetimes.

Also, prints are available!

*I probably feel this way because I myself am somewhat rounded and inherently comical and still occasionally feel like rockin’ a corset, damnit, and cannot quite escape the feeling that the end result looks something like this.

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that is one heck of a sexy puffin

I completely agree! WOW!! :O

If the end result looks anywhere near this gorgeous, the look is damn fine then. *nodnod*

Freaking LOVE this! *grinz* Good luck with prep. I know what you mean, I somehow managed to schedule 3 cons back to back - Oh God Why did I think that was a good idea? A-Kon/DucKon/AC... CRASH!

Except for some vague resemblance around the middle bits, you do not look like a puffin in a corset. Of course, puffins do not usually have said corset enhanced middle bits, so I think we can safely say you do not look like a puffin. I am not even going to get into the normal non-mammary status of puffins because that would make it look like I've put thought into the sexiness of birds.

I have put thought into the sexiness of birds, and my opinion of this pic is that a good corset can make even the flattest of non-mammalian species look like they have curves.

Delightful! Puffins are one of my favourite birds.

Mine too! Not least because my grandma loved them. Er, although I'm fairly sure that it wasn't because they look smokin' in corsets...

That puffin's got quite a rack, for a bird that isn't supposed to have one [g].

The corset effect is quite impressive indeed.

O.o weeona Expand
While this is indeed a sexy puffin, I think you look much better in a corset. To answer the immediately obvious question, yes, I have seen you in a corset!

I've seen shorter and rounder people than you looking good in a corset! Own the jiggle, put it on a shelf and SHOW IT OFF.

and then go hide in a bathroom and loosen it and breathe now and then.

"and then go hide in a bathroom and loosen it and breathe now and then."
I actually laughed out loud, I rarely do that. I soooo agree. While walking out of the local Ren Faire, we girls would shout Release the Hounds! and undo the bodice/corsets. Breathing was so much easier.

OK, I'm going to beg. PLEASE bring prints of this to AC this year. I shall visit your table, purchase one, and gleefully prance back to my table, be-corseted puffin in hand. It will give me something to look at/giggle at when I'm so damn sleep deprived from homework my eyes start to cross. ;3

That is one sexy, sexy puffin.

...I wish that was the first time I'd said that.

Although I am also of the chubby, more rounded variety (not nearly as blessed in the chest area as you, being roughly a large C) and I'd like to think I could look good in a corset. Though the hordes of men old enough to be my grandfather hitting on me at the grocery store does do my ego some good, even if it does cause the rest of my mental state to run naked and screaming over a cliff into the waiting jaws of madness for tea with Cthulu.


So, um, not puffins, but I was once witness to a pair of penguins at the New England Aquarium where the male appeared to be having trouble not due to his mate's unwillingness, but merely because she was too round, and he kept climbing up onto her and falling off again.

Your puffin's corset should keep her from such indignities. Also from eating too much to fly, which I'm told they do sometimes.

Anyone looks good in a properly fitted corset.* In fact nicely rounded people look *better*, since it gives the corset somethin' to work with. A good bit of extra body is like extra budget for the
corset's special effects department, you know?

I continue to be envious of your fine color control on gesso and other such surfaces. So sharp! So saturated! Even the reds look opaque! *envyenvyenvy*

*Corollary: Everyone looks bad in an unfittng corset. And pained. It's not even close to the same experience, and if I see one more person squeezing themselves into an off-the-rack and then saying that oh, of course it hurts because that's what corsets DO, I may commit some unfortunate acts with waist tape and straight pins.

OMG! The inner soul of the female puffin. (even with a corset, I'd never squish in in the middle:P)

Eee! This is lovely!

The puffin's eyelids look vaguely drag-queenish, as well, which just delights me, because what's better than a puffin in a corset? A puffin drag queen in a corset.

It's even better than that for me, since my elementary school mascot was the puffin, so that's the added advantage of things that my fourth grade teacher would never have approved of.

Look at the fanned wing: if that's not a drag queen puffin, it's certainly a burlesque queen puffin.