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Not all that much going on these days—well, I mean, there’s a lot going on, it looks like we’re going to probably get to do ten Dragonbreath books instead of seven, and there’s some other neat stuff percolating—but nothing immediately fascinating. I’m deep in the last death march of Campbreath art, trying to write the text for Fairybreath around the edges (Danny’s mom is kidnapped through a mushroom ring and he has to go into Faerie to get her back. Has much Surreal Landscape Wandering, which is arguably my strong suit as a writer. Kevin says that so far, it’s the most “me” of the Dragonbreath…)

The rest of the time I putter in the garden, work on stuff for the upcoming DucKon and Anthrocon art shows, and fool with molding. (We may have achieved victory conditions on the caulk mold this time! We’ll find out soon!)

The Louisiana iris has bloomed in the pond—it’s pretty spectacular, and I’m hoping it will continue to thrive submerged—and the tadpoles are fewer and larger. There are floating rafts of frog eggs, which would be more thrilling if they weren’t also filling the puddle left by the dumptruck rut on the side yard. Clearly our frogs have heard about the amphibian extinction event and are Doing Their Part. The predacious diving beetle got laid yesterday, and I hope to see “water tigers” soon, although it may get a little crazy with the tadpoles already there. Our lettuce bolted. My pollinator watch took an odd turn, as there are suddenly honeybees in the garden, which is very surprising—I saw all of ONE last year. I suspect someone may have put in a hive somewhere in the vicinity, because now two or three a day are showing up.

Finally, there’s an article by yours truly about the Great Southern Brood and KUEC #36: “Give me the scissors! And the bottle cap!” (Also available on iTunes!)

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> Danny’s mom is kidnapped through a mushroom ring and he has to go into Faerie to get her back

Mab Needs Moms!

Who else is going to take care of all those dang changelings?

(Deleted comment)
I am not sure I miss the 17-year cicadas in Illinois. What we got were the Northern Illinois Brood (Brood XIII) in 1990 and apparently in 2007 (I wasn't living at home anymore, so blessedly I missed them) and OH. MY. GODS. they were LOUD. Cover-your-ears-and-flee-in-terror loud.

Are you making it to A-Kon this year, by the by? I'd like to buy my copies of Digger straight from the source, if possible, especially after missing out last year (was too busy following Peter Beagle like a moonstruck calf).

Alas, no--A-Kon was fun, the people were great, but it's just not commercially viable if I'm paying for my own hotel/plane ticket/etc, so it's unlikely I'll be attending future A-Kons.

Understandable. Guess I'll just buy the books in question during Comic-Con, lord willing and the Clarion students get passes.

I just finally bought the first Dragonbreath book. It makes me smile. ^_^ I was glad to see so many at the local bookstore.

Thought you'd like to know: Our library hosted a "bat day" a week or so ago and I was pleased to note that a number of copies of Batbreath checked out.

That's fantastic!

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