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Great Plushthanga


digital, Painter 7, 12 x 16

The shaman Cryptic-Stitches, of the Moon-Stuffing tribe, clutched his rubber chicken staff. He had called upon Great Plushthanga, one of the great spirits of his tribe, and Great Plushthanga had come.


…so, yeah. I have lots of stuff I need to be working on, including whipping up originals for TWO art shows next month, which of course means that I am suddenly intensely driven to paint something digital and about as marketable as a three-day-old herring. I’ve had the sketch laying around for ages, but sometime this weekend it hit critical mass in my head, and Great Plushthanga demanded painting. (I like the notion of a world inhabited largely by stuffed animals. And perhaps rats. I think it would also need rats.)

Prints are available! I...don't know if anybody wants a giant plush god, but the prints are indeed available!

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I ♥ you
this is brilliance...

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(Deleted comment)
The Moon-Stuffing tribe, one of the Buttoneye peoples, worship as their chief deity the moon, which they believe to be the left eye of the Star-Stitched, the plush god of night. They are a generally peaceful people, primarily hunter-gatherers, and as such, frequent targets of their chief enemy, the warlike Yarnomamo. While their distant cousins, the Fire-Stuffing tribe, have solved this problem by retreating to fortified cliff dwellings, the Moon-Stuffing people are reluctant to give up their semi-nomadic lifestyle, as they claim that you cannot see the eye of the Star-Stitched from underneath a cliff.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be one of those things that are more popular than the artist expected.

Made me laugh out loud, and I'm kinda craving a yard-sized version to put on my one free wall. (Not that I have the money to burn even if you can blow it up to that size, particularly with shipping. :/)

I was working on this during last night's D&D!

"I like the notion of a world inhabited largely by stuffed animals. And perhaps rats."

The Petit Loss Clan has just called. They were inquiring about mirrors.

...think you're gonna have to explain that one for me?

This would be great to hang in a nursery.

I'm just sayin'.

My daughter's room* is largely decorated with Vernon pieces.**

* Is it still a nursery when she's hitting on 2, and has had her crib converted to a day bed?

** I originally wrote Ursula pieces, but that sounded really gruesome and evoked a mental image of a wholly different decor. Maybe the zombie babies (delivered by vultures, of course), would have a decor theme more like that.

a) You are nine types of awesome; this is an example of one of them.
b) You realize you may now have to create an entire LINE of stuffed animals to go with the eventual book series this could spawn. ;)
c) I await the rise of the dark plush gods and their vicious but adorable minions.

Any time someone comments with "You realize you [may] now have to [make X]", it pretty much obliterates any chances of [X] happening.

"Mommy, can I have a Paisley PLUSHTHANGA?"
"No dear, you already have a plaid one."
"But Mooommy, སའཏཀ༠ེ༠ཾཫཉ says the streets of r'lyeh are so empty!"
"Sigh, well... If you have enough in your spirit bank to pay half..."
*Squeeeee!* "I'll call him ཉཿཾལསརེིུདོའ༜, after Daddy!"
"Just don't wake him when we get home, Sweety."

- krin

Edited at 2011-05-17 07:26 pm (UTC)

Man... I gotta tell ya, I miss silly little art dumps. So while I know it's inconvenient for YOU when your muse tells you to do something completely unrelated to the gigantic pile of work you have, it's nice to know that they'll still happen every once in awhile now that you've hit the Big Time.

Or, at least, Biggish Time?

Medium time. Definitely Medium.

The eyes make me think of Coraline's mother...

Would the rats and plush have a symbiotic relationship? Cotton batting stuffing makes great nesting material...

but what do the plush-ones get out of it?

i think the tongue did me in.


The rubber chicken staff just makes the whole thing.

Very very cool. I love the tongue sticking out; it's almost like it's thinking "Oh, down. Gravity is hard."

Makes me think, but only idly, of the recently finished webcomic Plush and Blood (www.plushandblood.com/Comic.php?strip_id=0). It's an interesting take on a world of plush stuffed animals, but I felt the author ended it too abruptly without tying together all the plot threads.

'Thanga, 'Thanga, burning pink
In a sky of paint and ink,
What immortal artistry
Stitched on tight your button eye?

(Okay, 'artistry' and 'eye' would've been close enough for William Blake, so they're damn good enough for me.) ANYWAY. That's amazing. About time there's a plushie-god! It can keep company with The Winslow.