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Like Stuffed Potato Chips!

Once you start drawing weird little stuffed animals, apparently it’s really hard to stop. My sketchbook has gone in a somewhat disturbing direction.

5 x 7 mixed media on hotpress watercolor paper

And of course, since I’ll be bringing this one and others to the cons, do I get the desire to draw stuffed animals of species that people actually BUY at cons? Are there bunnies, foxes, stuffed snow leopards, plush hedgehogs?

No. Of course not! There are goats and antelope and lizards and weird little things with no hands, and a really charming one of a crocodile (clothodile?) that I really really wanna paint but of course it has to be huge to really get the effect I want, because, as I have said many times, there is nothing on earth quite so inspiring as having to be doing something else Right This Minute.


(Also, prints!)

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Are you KIDDING!???

Every nursery needs a series of these, Ursula.
You have a huge market for them.

Like species matters when it's your art.

And now I have a strange desire to see a stuffed sheep going "Meeeeh" in a bleating fashion.

Edited at 2011-05-18 06:30 pm (UTC)

How long does shipping to Canada usually take?

Honestly, it can vary quite a lot. I've had it there in under a week, I've had it drag on for two or three, if it gets hung up somewhere along the line. Sorry I don't have a more precise answer!

I would like to see you do stuffed dragons, I ahve a fondness for mental pictures of the poor scarred bedraggled stuffed dragons of the world. I mean what do they doo when someone wears off all their shininess.


That is a nicely scary thought.

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The wee stuffed goat is far less disturbing than the phalloi, or the hot sauce with the donkey in assless chaps. ::cough::

Really, you're going to have to work harder to disturb this fanbase. ^_-

*takes a wee detour to cheer for icon*

Yay! Pudge is a fish! XD

I own stuffed hegehogs.

And lots of stuffed otters...

People don't buy goats? Or rather pictures of goats?

People buy hedgehogs and not goats? People are weird.

Hmmm... I own five stuffed ferrets, a stuffed armadillo named Tex, three stuffed bats and a stuffed purple pterodactyl. I'd buy prints of any of those, now that I think about it.

(and Oh Yeah, a handmade stuffed Tora plushie from the Ushio and Tora anime. **hugs the Tora; Tora tries to eat hugger**)

Edited at 2011-05-18 07:19 pm (UTC)

I own a stuffed pterodactyl... from way back when I was a kid, Land Before Our Time was a movie, and my grandmother got me the merchandise-stuffies.

Actually, I know exactly how it is.
You start off with a vision of what you want to accomplish in your mind.
You start drawing/painting, and it changes some, but that's okay, because the vision has changed for the better, and it'll be cooler now.
But that damned imagination, give it an inch...
It takes off on you.
It starts punting out all types of ideas.
Now, the rational side of the brain says "hhhhmmmm...yyyyeeeaaahhhh....no. That's too much of a departure".
But, the creative side knows the other ideas are really cool too, so just sets them aside.
You finish the piece, it's different than intended, but in a good way.
Now you're riding that proud high, so the creativity shows up with its arms draped over your ego's shoulders saying "Nice. We think you should try those other ideas out too, it'd be really cool as a set"
So, you're happy with what you've already accomplished, so you're totally like "yeah..... yeah, YEAH! yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!"
Next thing you know, you're covered in paint up to your elbows, have to clear a path just to find the door, and your face hurts from grinning too much.
Odds are you're also hungry because you've forgotten to eat.

Yes, but you need plushie bunnies for the clothodile to eat, and felt roses for the strange little things without hands.

And yes, what djinnthespazz said.

Uh, *I'd* buy lizards. (: And frogs and turtles and snakes and bats ... I like creepy crawlies. (: (: (:

Any chance your muse is feeling a particular love of the llama? Cos I would love a llama like this!

most of my plush collection is the odd species. like water buffalo and octopoids and squids and snails and lizards and frogs and antelope and dinosaurs and all sorts of things like that. and a lot of lobsters for some strange reason...

And.... I'll need a print of that goat. Thank you!