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Flowers and Manuscripts

Went to the cafe with my laptop, sat down, and over the course of two-and-a-half hours, slammed out the rest the script for Fairybreath. Drank too much coffee, feel more than a little queasy, and also seem to have run through my store of free words for the morning, so have some pictures of the garden.

Carolina lupine. Grows kinda weird and sideways in my garden because it's not really getting enough sun.

I have no idea what kind this is---popped up outta the mulch.

Notch-Tipped Flower Beetle on Wild Quinine flowers

Texas Onion flower with unknown pollinator

Now, to go work on Campbreath art…

Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.

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*admires the flowers, and cheers you on for more *breath stuff!*

(Deleted comment)
Assuming the colour is accurate, it looks a bit too red for a tawny grisette, and the shape doesn't look quite right.
My personal guess would be some variety of russula, as they often have lines along the edges like that. That said, that's what I'd guess in Europe. i've no idea what grows where you are.

(Deleted comment)
Going along with Amanita. Would love to guess that it's A. muscaria, but that's wishful thinking.

My first guess was A. muscaria, because of the red color and the "cornflakes" on the top. Do Not Eat.

Your user name is lovely. You don't know me, but I had to say that.

That shroom is just epic. The corrigated edges are just so delightful!

Completely unrelated to this, saw a turtle in the road twice on the way in to work today. Stopped both times to carry said turtle to the side of the road it was so eager to reach. Laughed and thought of you both times.

Good for you! Turtle-crossing-guards unite!

Was it the same turtle both times?

thankfully no, though my grammar was blissfully unclear on that point.

My mom and I end up relocating turtles on busy parts of the road sometimes. I ended up picking up a snapping turtle and we took it to a friend's large pond to live happily and SAFELY away from the road. The little older lady who's land the pond is on was deliriously happy to have a turtle in there and goes out to look for it sometimes. XD

You PICKED UP a snapping turtle? Please tell me not with your hands...? o.o

its not so hard. Get the sides of the shell between the fore- and rear legs. Keeps your fingers safely out of biting range, and lets you keep the unpleasant pokey ends of the feet far away from your body.



I didn't have much choice in picking it up with my hands-really weren't any other options!

Ah, pretty sure that's not actually a snapper. Which explains why you still have all your fingers (assuming you do). ^_~ Snappers generally can't retract like that, since they're more flesh than shell: http://www.herpnet.net/Iowa-Herpetology/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=26

Well I'm not entirely sure on the species, but my mom (and a few people who have seen the photos) identified it as a snapper. I had thought it was a red-eared slider, but I keep being told that I'm wrong, so who knows? Snappers are native to the area though.

Sucker was heavy too.

The flowers are beautiful, but that mushroom is a treat!
Thank you!

I thought the quinine was popcorn.

Gorgeous! And my brain keeps wanting to adapt the Mock-Turtle Soup Song to 'Shroom of the eeevening, beautiful shroom!' That's a really lovely shot.

That is one beautiful beatle~

my lupin does the fall over thing if the stem and head are very heavy and not staked, and they do it in full sun too

Lovely plants. It may make you happy to know that today I spotted a few bees! They really like this plant my mom has with tubelike purplish-pink flowers, I'm not sure what it's called. I was very happy to see them. :3

I don't have any quite as unique and interesting native flowers as those, mostly some wildflower mix, snapdragons, and marigolds, but it's always a thrill to see the pollinators and dragonflies and such.

And all of our mums down here are flowering. They're fall flowers, not May flowers!

Those quinine flowers are really pretty!

Love that Texas lupine! I've never seen it before.
I have some native WA lupines about to bloom, I really dig the exotic-looking foliage and they are totally painless. I'm slowly figuring out what thrives here (lupines! oregano! strawberry!) and what does not (rosemary, thyme, marigold)

I think the little personage working on the onion flower is a bee fly.

looks to me like an asilid. note the concave notch between the eyes, the bristly hypognathous mouthparts, and the long anterior-clustered legs (dragonflies have that same prey-snatching leg arrangement, for example). not-uncommon asilid species aggressively mimic bees and syrphids in order to prey on them.

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