UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Goodness! Who knew frogs were so…fertile?

Dear me. I got up this morning and…whoa.

Look closely at this photo.

What you should see there, despite regrettable focus and all, are a great many little black dots.

Those are frog eggs.

We have had a number of frog eggs in the pond, which then become tadpoles, so that in and of itself is not terribly significant, except that this time, the frogs REALLY outdid themselves.  Yesterday’s torrential rains were clearly some kind of amphibious aphrodisiac. Like…they have covered the entire surface of the pond.

It’s not a huge pond, I grant you, but it’s a good six feet in diameter, and it is coated. The existing tadpoles are having to shove the eggs aside to come up to the surface, the water striders are reduced to a sort of waddle—I never thought I’d see a bug stumble, but I can’t really explain it any other way—and if there are less than a thousand eggs, I would be very much surprised.

The Big tadpoles have grown teeny little legs and may soon be actual frogs. Unless they gain size substantially, I must assume that they are cricket frogs, but it’s still hard to tell. Some variety of leopard frog also lives in the pond, and in order to produce that many eggs, I don’t know HOW many cricket frogs you’d need…a lot, obviously.

I swear, a pond is the most fun you can have with biology with your clothes on.

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Tags: animals, my garden
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