UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


6 x 18 on cradled gessoboard

The freshwater clothodile feeds primarily on plushalopes and other large stuffed animals that come down to watering holes to drink. They can grow up to sixteen feet in length and exhibit a symbiotic relationship with the tiny tailor-bird, which will walk fearless into the clothodile’s mouth, cleaning the predator’s teeth, pulling out loose threads, and carefully stitching up any small rips or tears they may find.

Fooling around with more weird stuffed animals, obviously! I can only get the 6  x18 gessoboard in the deep cradle, so I’d be happy to sell this one before a con–hanging the deep cradle’s a pain in the ass!–but otherwise it’ll be at Duckon and/or AC.

Prints available!

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Tags: art
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