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6 x 18 on cradled gessoboard

The freshwater clothodile feeds primarily on plushalopes and other large stuffed animals that come down to watering holes to drink. They can grow up to sixteen feet in length and exhibit a symbiotic relationship with the tiny tailor-bird, which will walk fearless into the clothodile’s mouth, cleaning the predator’s teeth, pulling out loose threads, and carefully stitching up any small rips or tears they may find.

Fooling around with more weird stuffed animals, obviously! I can only get the 6  x18 gessoboard in the deep cradle, so I’d be happy to sell this one before a con–hanging the deep cradle’s a pain in the ass!–but otherwise it’ll be at Duckon and/or AC.

Prints available!

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now we just need to start making the actual plushis...

real plushies of them would be awesome, the paintings and concept of the world appeal to me a lot.

I love how it looks like a hand puppet.

But Ursula - how does he keep the water from making his stuffie insides all soggy?

Maybe he's stuffed with little plastic pellets like some pillows are.


Are we sure that's Earthly water and not something with more surface tension, that can't get inside the clothodile to make him soggy?

Alternatively, are we sure that the Clothodile isn't made of a waterproof fabric? Of course, "polytetrafluoroethyleneodile" isn't nearly as catchy.

"ScotchGuard" supposedly makes fabric water repellent. But since this is UrsulaV, it would be morw appropriate if it were "SquashGuard".

The water is made from a million green, grey, and brown ribbons.

That reminds me of the movie Coraline.

Now we just need to see the tailorbirds! :D

What's cool is that there really are such things as tailorbirds! Check out Darzee the Tailorbird in Kipling's "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi."


So do we get to see the tailor birds and plushalopes? Or even a hippoplushamus?

Oh god! I need a Hippoplushamus!

(Deleted comment)
Is the environment made of plush and felt as well?

I just figured out why that sea serpent was so worried about the sock puppet on his tail...

Nature, pink in tooth and claw.

A few questions.
1. How many hit points does it have?
2. What is its magic resistance like?
3. What are this creature's weak points?
4. Does it coexist with other things, such as the Beholder or the Gelatinous Cube? I'm assuming it has a resistance to stone curse.

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