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Back on the Job Hunt…

No, not ME. I’m gainfully employed well into 2013 with Dragonbreath, now that they bought ten books. I am not, however, much of a Primary Breadwinner—kid’s book money will keep a single female and her cats well-heeled, but breaks down when confronted with a partner and a mortgage.

So Kevin got laid off last month, and the job hunt is in full force. So hey, if you’re in the Triangle and hunting for a Linux sys-admin with various and sundry skills then drop him a line. (I would say more about the various and sundry skills, but it turns into alphabet soup pretty quickly as far as I’m concerned…IP VPN MySQL RPM PHP IA CTHULHU FTAGHN ETC.)


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Drat, we could use a CTHULHU FTAGHN developer here. :(

You want to develop more stable elder gods?

I have no doubt that Kevin would be able to call up the Elder Ones, set up stable servers and sites for them and basically help them take over the Interwebz... Not that they haven't already.

"...there is another theory which states that this has already happened." :)

If I were looking for someone for sysadminy things, someone with IA CTHULHU FTAGHN somewhere on his resume would go right to the top of the list.

With all the goths in the linux world, this isn't already an actual product?!?!?

I'll bet the think-geek location is too far of a commute for him. because it looks like they need someone with his listed skills.

Sadly, yes it is. And I'm kind of stuck here for a while. Now, if it were a telecommute position...

Loud Cthulhu approves of your confusion.

Someone I know in the DC area posted about a job opening just recently that looked like alphabet soup as far as I could tell. But that's too far from you guys.

Too bad Nexenta uses OpenSolaris and not Red Hat; they might be looking for sysadmins (though as far as I can tell they'd like developers more). My boyfriend telecommutes for them, they're fine with that.

It occurs to me that being a minor internet rockstar, or even a minor internet rockstar by association, Cannot Possibly Hurt in the job hunt, especially for a sysadminny type position. And don't bother denying m.i.r. status, because you both are. Anyhow, from one job seeker to another, best of luck!

Lots of good vibes going out for successful job hunting - been there, done that, and send all sorts of good wishes.

Hm. I know a Linux guy who works in Raleigh. I'll poke him and see if his company is hiring.

...been paying for my partner's food and bills for a while now. It's all going on a credit card that was THIS CLOSE to being paid off.

The mix of fear/apathy/guilt/frustration in this situation has been a daily test on our relationship. The job loss is clearly not my partner's fault, yet the deeper in debt you go, the more "stuck" you start to feel with this partner -- and it just gets worse from there.

I've even caught myself making demands of her time that I normally wouldn't ask since she is technically "on my tab". She's always been grateful, but the subconscious desire to demand more in gratitude gets pretty powerful (and I'm not talking sexual favors, just... shows of respect for generosity given).

It's just a trial. Waiting for the situation to change so my partner can start paying me back. I have all faith she will... but still, the fears remain and grow with each look at my bills.

Best of luck to you and Kevin.

Damn. All Elder God related joking aside, this sucks. :/ Best of lucks with the job hunt! But Kevin's resume looks good, and a lot of stuff in there is still in pretty high demand, so I wouldn't be too worried.

(Deleted comment)
and get on fast.. and add as many relevent friends as possible.
it makes you look well connected.

i, look excellenet despite being nearly computer illiterate.. i got a few (bad) job offers owing the high level programming friends i have

Job-hunting in this economy is never fun, especially when it's involuntary. Best of luck to him!

Job hunting...

I was laid off after 30 years in Electronics, and so I went back to college.
They said, "Why are you going for the IT support specialist track? Your grades were the second highest in the Cisco networking class! You could be a system administrator!"

Right. All you laid-off system administrators raise your hands...

Competing for the good jobs doesn't work when there aren't any good jobs.
I'll take the IT janitor position and I'll be happy with it.

waves hand for hubby

I was going to suggest checking if anyone at Scary Devil Monastery knew of any openings, but then realised that if he's not a monk already, he's probably not going to get any offers. Although the internet rockstar association might help there, too.

No other tips to offer, I'm afraid. Best of luck!

a.s.r is still around? Dammit, I need to find usenet access, since I'm in full on "recovered" mode now.

Although the market here is creating very few jobs in my space - a LOT of it is shuffle, unless you happen to have a particular Redmond-based set of skills which I lack.