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White Jackalope

6 x 12, mixed media on collaged manga

Being a mythical creature is often a burden. Also, I spent the last six months drawing unending jackalopes, and I think there was like, art burn-in or something…

Anyway, a small piece for an upcoming con, unless somebody wants to take it home first. Prints are available!

I have also hedged around with caveats, finished up a scene, and sent what I’ve got of Regency Ninja to my agent, against my better judgement. So we’ll see how that goes!

Back to con prep…


Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


Better judgments are often overrated. Hooray! Fingers crossed!

*In line for Regency Ninja already!*

I am so excited for Regency Ninja to become a reality! I'd really like to read that book.

It's nice to see the return of this particular art style -- I really like it.

And g'luck with the Regency ninjas. I'd totally read that book. (:

Eeeee, regency ninja!!!!!

I hope your agent makes happy snorfle sounds and asks for the rest of it.

If not... I wonder if enough of us could send you money to ePub it... O:D

And the jackalope is cute, too!

I am definitely crossing my fingers regarding Regency Ninja.

okay the sad part is i recognized the Hikaru no Go in the back ground. hes a pretty myth though.

Not sad at all. Or well, at least not alone.

JACKALOPES. **squees** Okay, must get a print. That's the most retiring, polite-looking jackalope I've ever seen-- they're usually such brash little buggers, it's nice to see one who was obviously brought up by someone with manners. Refreshing!

And Regency Ninja! You know, I can't WAIT to see what the cover'll look like. A masked ball with silent black figures hiding amongst the chandeliers? A subtle grouping of silk top-hat, gloves, quizzing-glass and shiruken? This book's gonna rock.

I particularly like the second cover option suggested here! :)


::me gusta Regency Ninjas::

Yeah, put me down for multiple copies of Regency Ninja! I've been cracking up the housemate with dramatic readings of same :-)

"Sent what I’ve got of Regency Ninja to my agent" is one of those sentences you never see coming.

Well, of course not. If you saw it coming, they'd have failed their Ninja sneak roll.

Did you warn your agent in advance?

But seriously, if Pride & Prejudice & Zombies can get published, why not Regency Ninjas?

HURRAY! for Regency Ninjas. This is so going to rock.

Also, the Jackalope is cute. I almost missed the antlers until I looked again.

yeeeeeeah, I think a lot of us saw the Regency Ninja sub coming as soon as you insisted you were not going to write it. ;) *happydances* *gets in line to wait*

Jackalope. So adorable...

I'm not even a fan of regency novels and I would buy Regency Ninja.