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White Jackalope

6 x 12, mixed media on collaged manga

Being a mythical creature is often a burden. Also, I spent the last six months drawing unending jackalopes, and I think there was like, art burn-in or something…

Anyway, a small piece for an upcoming con, unless somebody wants to take it home first. Prints are available!

I have also hedged around with caveats, finished up a scene, and sent what I’ve got of Regency Ninja to my agent, against my better judgement. So we’ll see how that goes!

Back to con prep…


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I swear, if Regency Ninja is published, I will tromp down to the nearest store selling it right after work in my dirtiest, manliest clothes and insist someone take a picture of me giving a thumbs up as I buy it.

I will do the same, plus not shaving for a month in advance.

In my utilikit!

...the lack of shaving and 'in my utilikilt' are not related items, I assure the pubic.

I like the Jackelope. He seems so pensive for some reason.

I will buy Regency Ninja if it comes out in print, and also the jackalope book when it's released.

better judgements

Your better judgement is going "but it's pure Id! you're letting your Id out in public, where people can see it!"

Leaving aside all arguments of your artistic habits having perhaps being guilty of having done this for years, your Better Judgement is being excessively statistical and insufficiently particular.

Many people should not write from the Id; one gets OH JOHN RINGO NO that way, and worse things. But your Id seems to genuinely like people, and to have manners as essential axioms, rather than the learned responses of avoiding glares and shouting; the result may be, in some art-involves-suffering-we-know-it formal sense, lacking in gravitas but it gets populated with actual decency and kindness, the which are both difficult to simulate and not to be regarded as existing in a general condition of excessive supply.

So, really, your Better Judgement would do well to brace up, take a few deep breaths, and go talk to your Fiscal Probity so you don't make the Goldfish Face or the Goldfish Noises at your agent, should it chance to be the case that said worthy responds to the submission by means of a phone call starting with "Squee!"

-- Graydon

"I have also hedged around with caveats, finished up a scene, and sent what I’ve got of Regency Ninja to my agent, against my better judgement. "

Woo hoo!

Hahahaha! Every time I have seen people protest that no, no, they are really not writing/drawing [thing], they end up completing [thing] and loving it. :D

(Deleted comment)
'Total muppet flail' is exactly my reaction as well.

(Deleted comment)
I swear I will buy that book if it gets published...and tell all my friends about it to!

If your regency novel gets purchased, can you write off a trip to London as "research"? :)

Regency Ninja! I will buy them all, I swear!

Now just get Elf vs. Orc to agent as well, and all will be golden!

Well, and The Scent of Rosemary and the Thing With The Goblins...

Yay, pensive jackalope! He's lovely. :)

When (yes, I said when; I have faith in your agent :P) Regency Ninja is published, unless it's a graphic novel with colors, don't forget to ask your publisher to do a Kindle option. Not because I don't want the cover art, but because I want to take it with me EVERYWHERE.

I would like to add one more name to the list of people who will absolutely get that book if/when it is published.

So... should it have perhaps been a treejackalope rather than a treejackrabbit? *grinz* maybe the next one will be...