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White Jackalope

6 x 12, mixed media on collaged manga

Being a mythical creature is often a burden. Also, I spent the last six months drawing unending jackalopes, and I think there was like, art burn-in or something…

Anyway, a small piece for an upcoming con, unless somebody wants to take it home first. Prints are available!

I have also hedged around with caveats, finished up a scene, and sent what I’ve got of Regency Ninja to my agent, against my better judgement. So we’ll see how that goes!

Back to con prep…


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Eeeee, regency ninja!!!!!

I hope your agent makes happy snorfle sounds and asks for the rest of it.

If not... I wonder if enough of us could send you money to ePub it... O:D

Yeah, the first sentence pretty much sums up my reaction.

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