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More Jackalopes

You’d think after I drew umpty-million of these things for  Dragonbreath 6, I’d be tired of them…

White Jackalope II

The white jackalope was pensive. Strange things were happening on the other side of the painting.

6 x 12, more mixed media on collaged manga on board. As usual, I get an idea in my teeth, and y’know…

Original for sale or else will go to con, prints available. (You can also get White Jackalope I & II as a print set!)

Black Jackalope

The scanner couldn’t handle this one very well, which is a shame. Owing to a lot of watercolor pencil and clear gesso, the original has a weird…um…blurry depth? Wound up looking like smudged charcoal, but it’s got a nifty layering going on in person, and the colors blend more smoothly, except that the scanner glares off the brush lines in the gesso, and…well, anyway.  Original for sale, 6 x 6 on cradled clayboard,  going to one of the back-to-back con art shows unless somebody wants to pounce on it first. (I have PLENTY OF TIME to make art. PLENTY. OF. TIME. Days! Weeks! WHOLE WEEKS ha ha oh god I’m doomed.)

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Would a photo of it be any clearer?

I dunno, maybe. This isn't BAD, but honestly, there's just a limit to how flat reproductions can reproduce something made up of thin clear layers on top of each other, ya know? Light just won't move through it the same way.

The black jackalope reminds me a lot of the Durer Bunny etching my grandmother had, only much more pensive.

I'd love to see that Black Jackalope in real life!

The black jackalope looks sad. Like maybe he's empathizing with the sad snake? He is very beautiful, though. I actually like him much better than the white ones, which are adorable. He has much more depth. He's my kinda jackalope, all dark and broody.

Aww, Black Jackalope looks very sad. I want to scoop him up and give him a (very careful) hug!

And if there are jackalopes in Dragonsbreath, then I definately need to start setting aside my pennies, because I still haven't had the spare cash to buy the first one and now I really want them!

you are keeeeeling me with the jackalopes. i lurve them.

THere is something very jarring to images of Koyo Toya right next to someone... mooning?

Just sent you an LJ message about buying the black jackalope.

I was listening to NPR earlier and heard that some artists are actually being required (by their contracts) to film movie-style trailers for their books. You heard anything about that? Struck me as rather silly on the whole.

Marketing has been doing some animated short trailers for the Dragonbreath books, which is good, because neither of us are animators. That and the kids don't want to see her, as it were, they want to see DANNY.

You can find them on ursulavernon.com or on youtube.

In general, I think book trailers are a bit silly, but if it helps sales...

It does seem a little odd, but it can be used to great effect. Check out the trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

I am thrilled to learn that there will be jackalopes in Dragonbreath 6!!

The best art comes from madness. Pick your example. :)

Pensive Jackalope is Pensive.

The white jackalope looks bemused by all the manga. ;)

Vaguely related, but would you mind doing a brief rundown of the availability of Dragonbreath books? I thin there's four of them out now (Dragonbreath, Ninjabreath, Wurstbreath, Batbreath), the fifth one is coming out soon (Campbreath?), and the sixth is in production? I'm getting confused....

Sure! You got the four out now correct--next is Ghostbreath, which will be followed by Campbreath, followed by Fairybreath, followed by Dreambreath followed by two as yet unnamed books, for a grand total of ten.

Lavabreath! Danny explores the lava tunnels of his ancestors...
Vacuumbreath! Danny in sppaaaaaccceee....
Beerbreath! Danny goes to college...

There will be no "ZombieBreath", Riiiiiight?

Did I read something about a Dragonbreath boxed set? I could definitely go for that.

Love the black jackalope! Very excited to see it in person, and I completely, totally and thoroughly understand how layers just aren't captured well in replications *sigh* a constant struggle.

The black jackalope is fantastic - the detailing, the pensive eyes, the way he is crouching just to stay in the frame...

I love the black jackalope's wild, shy gaze.
I hope he finds an amazing home with someone who loves him deeply.

Loving the black jackalope much more htan the white ones, but that might be my lack of appreciation for manga.

Wishing I had cash.

Lovely artwork. I particularly enjoy that frame of the ass in the comics on the first one, being presented at such a spot that the rabbit could very well be staring at it in mild curiosity mingled with horror.

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