UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

More Jackalopes

You’d think after I drew umpty-million of these things for  Dragonbreath 6, I’d be tired of them…

White Jackalope II

The white jackalope was pensive. Strange things were happening on the other side of the painting.

6 x 12, more mixed media on collaged manga on board. As usual, I get an idea in my teeth, and y’know…

Original for sale or else will go to con, prints available. (You can also get White Jackalope I & II as a print set!)

Black Jackalope

The scanner couldn’t handle this one very well, which is a shame. Owing to a lot of watercolor pencil and clear gesso, the original has a weird…um…blurry depth? Wound up looking like smudged charcoal, but it’s got a nifty layering going on in person, and the colors blend more smoothly, except that the scanner glares off the brush lines in the gesso, and…well, anyway.  Original for sale, 6 x 6 on cradled clayboard,  going to one of the back-to-back con art shows unless somebody wants to pounce on it first. (I have PLENTY OF TIME to make art. PLENTY. OF. TIME. Days! Weeks! WHOLE WEEKS ha ha oh god I’m doomed.)

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Tags: art
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