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Off to e-bay…

goes the black jackalope! (Go figure…)

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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Ow, already out of my price range. Very nice jackalope, though... sort of puts me in mind of an Albrecht Durer / Susan Seddon Boulet mashup :-)

He reminds me a little of a hound dog expression where he's tired and being asked to do something.

Damnit. Too rich for my blood at the moment. If I weren't taking friends to AC (because that's the only way I'd get them to go), I'd be bidding.

(Well, back of the envelope suggests at first pass suggests you're underestimating market prices by 24-37%, but that neglects cost contributions from Ebay fraud, and there may be second order effects in the distribution of discrepancies between what you think your art is worth and price-at-market....)

/figures more

I've never actually been defrauded by e-bay, but y'know, it's hard to price--sometimes things go for waaaay more than I expected, and sometimes I can't get a nibble on a piece I think is worth a lot. No telling, really...

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