UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Three Tails

8 x 8 mixed media on print sealed to board

So this was the second run at this particular painting.

The first was looking great, coming out a lot like the Black Jackalope and then I tried to fix a particular bit,  overworked the paper, and tore it off in a great soggy strip, an act which makes the art gods weep or point and laugh, depending on their particular bent. (I have never quite figured out the art gods—Our Lady of Photoshop is the only one I have any notion of, but I assume there’s a great many of them somewhere…probably Our Lady of Grackles is also involved, but maybe that’s just me.)

After this grim experience, I started over again—the sketch appealed to me too much—and then I got this far and the one art voice that actually knows what it’s taking about rose up from the back of my skull and said “Stop. Now.” So I did, immediately, because if I have learned anything about art, it is that a surprisingly large percentage of it is knowing when to stop screwing with something.

Anyway, 8 x 8, watercolor pencil and clear gesso on top of print on hot-press watercolor paper sealed to board.*  Original is for sale or will go to con, prints are available!


*I am always amazed how medium grows organically into a complicated morass of stuff that gets harder and harder to explain to people…

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Tags: art
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