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Art and Sad Beagles

6 x 12 mixed media on print on hotpress watercolor paper sealed to board

Careful crossbreeding between the Flemish Giant rabbit and a species of pygmy reindeer eventually produced the Lapp Giant, a formidably antlered breed of jackalope sturdy enough to be used as a pack animal.

Still fooling around with technique and all. Original for sale or will go to con, drop a note to inquire, and prints available.

8 x 8 mixed media on hotpress watercolor print sealed to board

Cute pensive manticore is pensive! And cute! And has Eighties rock-star hair!

Scanner did not do justice to this one…not sure if photos will help much either. Damn you, clear gesso! *shakes tiny fist* But there’s nothing else quite like it…anyway, original for sale, prints available, will go to con if not sold before then.

Meanwhile, in addition to art, we had to take Gir into the vet, as he suddenly came down with a serious limp and was The Saddest Beagle In The World.  (Then he got in the car with the window down and was The Happiest Beagle In The World, except for bits when he remembered that his foot hurt and was Sad again.) An X-ray and three hundred dollars later, we have a beagle with a day-glo orange cast, as he somehow dislocated his toe last night, and a great many medications, because his allergies and weird yeast problems means that he will probably get a horrible skin condition under the cast, so he now he’s on anti-fungals, which is good anyway because he’s got Yet Another yeast infection in the giant floppy ears.

Awful, awful dogs, beagles. I mean, I love Gir, but I would never, ever, EVER get a beagle willingly. Seriously, you held a gun to my head and handed me an adorable wiggly beagle puppy, I would hand it back and tell you to go ahead and pull the trigger. Never. Again.

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I keep thinking the Lapp Giant needs a saddle...

My gainful employment makes me look very long and hard at that manticore. If I didn't have to pay a deposit on a new place in a couple months...

So this particular manticore is part White Lion, then? *ducks*

Also: loving the jackalope art! Are there/will there be prints of the black jackalope from a few days ago, or was the scan insufficient?


No, no...I don't want to know. I think.

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(Deleted comment)
A) your art, if I haven't mentioned it recently, is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

b) life comes in themes, and I think that's awesome. I have this character, a jakalope-girl for whom I've been getting a lot of art done recently, just as you began posting your jakalopes. <3!

(Do I need a manticore-girl now, too? ;-)

I hope your beagle recovers happily!

On the other hand my friend got a rescue greyhound - very sweet, very placid, very happy to be rescued - and she broke her toe while dandering down a beach. Dogs and disaster tend to go hand in hand.

(Don't even get me started on my German Shepherd who nearly had to get all her teeth pulled after getting her mouth stuck in the poodle's bowl.)

I really want to get you started on that story >.>

I very much like the Lapp Giant. You can practically feel his fur, even on a computer screen.

Poor beagle. Poor y'all, too.

And your manticore does have a certain David Bowie thing going on. Perhaps David Bowie is secretly a manticore in disguise? It would explain so much.

Hmm. You've seen Labyrinth, yes? I'm not certain you could hide a scorpion tail in those pants....

I wonder if the Manitcore has a Sphinx friend?

Love the artwork anyway...

Oh god. I have such a thing for sphinxes.. I may break under Ursula Sphinxing..

The Giant Lapp is excellent, the pensive manitcore is adorable, and the beagle... Poor beagle. I wonder, maybe give him a yogurt bath? (Plain, unsweetened...) Acidophilus is supposed to make yeast unhappy...

Vinegar, too, which is marginally less messy, though you get a pickled beagle, probably...

Poor Gir. Poor Gir's poor people.

A pickled beagle? This will not end well.

Hahaha, aww. Beagles really only have two settings- the Saddest Beagle in the World and the Happiest Beagle in the World. That's why I love them.

NGL, though, my beagle was a hot mess too. Drove everyone up the wall because he would bay endlessly every time another dog went by the house; tap-danced around the house's hardwood floors at night because he slept during the day when no one was home; peed and/or pooped inside if he was left alone inside for too long, etc. (In his defense, he had a kind of crappy upbringing- we inherited him from my uncle, who died while in the midst of a balls-out crazy divorce with my former aunt who was a pathological liar. And he was a really sweet, loving dog; just had a bad childhood.)

Edited at 2011-06-07 08:37 pm (UTC)

Don't forget that beagles' Seek And Destroy Mode is active at all times regardless of setting.

I concur on beagles. I love mine to pieces, but... We've had to have 5 teeth pulled (from malnutrition as a puppy before we rescued her), she has a bad back requiring us to carry her up and down the stairs (a common beagle condition), she had a heart murmur (not strickly a beagle condition), her eyelid is furry in the middle (after having a giant tumor removed and resectioning her eyelid), she recently tore an ACL (requiring 100% bed rest- you try that with a beagle)... and (as all beagles do) she bays at all 'threats'. Oh, and her tail is permanently crooked from being broken as a puppy (again before we rescued her) and eats like a goldfish. She's a mess. But she's my mess.

You know, usually when a human has a problem with a toe, they tell you to tape one toe to the next one and stop worrying about it.

You, that's the problem. I've learned that most veterinarians don't take Beagle as a second language in college.

When I was a kid, we had a cocker spaniel that suffered from yeasty, horribly painfully, smelly ears. No amount of medication and specialist appointments helped, until one day our vet said he'd heard of a new procedure that might help, but would probably leave her deaf - the basics, if I remember correctly, involved scraping out the inner ear and ear drum? In any case, not only did it work amazingly - she was like a puppy again, we hadn't realized it had been hurting her *that* much - she could still hear fine. Just something to think about.

The lapp giant is just unspeakably beautiful. Many of my belgian hares are currently in a molt that leaves them looking black on their backs and brown on the sides... and when they are pensive, their ears droop just that way.

If only I could get them to wear or grow antlers...