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Pensive Manticore to E-bay!

…and I misspelled manticore in the listing. Poop.


Also, it’s NEVER the ones you expect, I swear…

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Also, it’s NEVER the ones you expect, I swear…

Isn't that a law in graphic industry? It's never the ones you expect who is choose when your work en multiple logo/graphic/cake recipe propositions...

I just expect ALL of your stuff to warrant enough interest to go up on Ebay...

It's the eyes. I'm not even particularly enamoured of manticores, and those eyes caught me.

What, that surprised you? A pensive manticore with 80s hair? Of course lots of people want it! Sometimes I can see the surprise, but I thought that one would have been obvious!

Here's a hint: anything savage and brooding will find an audience, especially if it somehow manages to also be cute.

You... you can edit the listing, you know... XD;

At $172 the spelling does not matter as much

The bidding is way past my level, if I even have a level.
Congrats, it looks like a winner, no matter who gets the art.
Maybe convention art shows could use this bidding system.

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