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Auctions auctions auctions!

Two for you today! First of all, the Sphinx is goin’ to e-bay!

Secondly, a Gearworld painting I did awhile ago–the owner is having to sell, and I figured I’d put the auction info up here. This is for the “Jackalope Offering” painting. It’s a UK auction, so you’ll have to talk to her about shipping anywhere else, but it’s a second chance at one of the not-too-common Gearworld pieces out there!

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As the person selling the Gearworld painting (thanks again for the plug, Ursula!) I am definitely more than happy to ship to other places in Europe and the US/Canada. :) It's worth checking for other places just because it could be pricey.

Thanks!! Just put in an offer on the Sphinx! :D

-- A <3

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