UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Major Art Dump

Spent a good chunk of yesterday transferring files from my virtual machine to my shiny new…err…non-virtual machine. Along the way I found a couple of things that either never got posted or which I’d completely forgotten about, which is almost as good! (You ever do a painting that  you have absolutely no memory of having done? Like, your name is on it and sure, that’s your signature, but you don’t remember having done it or that it existed at all?)



I actually just did this one, trying to work the kinks out of the scratchboard tool so that it would (*@#*&(*@!! behave....

Did this one for my buddy Mur’s April Fool’s joke last year…

The best bit was that she got Lore Sjoberg to do jacket quotes. "This is a...book."

She said that Larry looked like an earthworm. I sent her an extreme close-up of a tapeworm. She retracted the statement and told me to never, ever, ever do that again.


Random doodle of a pigeon with goggles for every occasion.

This was my contribution to the 10th anniversary of Midwest Furfest, which was used on the T-shirt designs.

Card for "Black Sheep" a Reinier Knizia game from Final Flight. I think I can probably post this, it's been out for like four years now.

Pig card from "Black Sheep."

White Sheep card from "Black Sheep."

I built a little shrine to St. Frizzle, but was never happy enough with it to finish.

Had an idea...lord, must be five years ago now...for a comic with a squirrel druid. It got sidetracked by a parasitic wasp that laid eggs in people's nightmares and an insane antlered doe, but I remain hopeful that someday something will gel out of all that. Meanwhile, I did a bunch of doodles....

My agent tells me that the saga of Walrus and Radish may have to wait until I am sufficiently famous that editors are willing to take some seriously weird chances on a possibly delusional walrus. I cannot say that she is wrong. I am not sure if that kind of fame is in my future.

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