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Major Art Dump

Spent a good chunk of yesterday transferring files from my virtual machine to my shiny new…err…non-virtual machine. Along the way I found a couple of things that either never got posted or which I’d completely forgotten about, which is almost as good! (You ever do a painting that  you have absolutely no memory of having done? Like, your name is on it and sure, that’s your signature, but you don’t remember having done it or that it existed at all?)



I actually just did this one, trying to work the kinks out of the scratchboard tool so that it would (*@#*&(*@!! behave....

Did this one for my buddy Mur’s April Fool’s joke last year…

The best bit was that she got Lore Sjoberg to do jacket quotes. "This is a...book."

She said that Larry looked like an earthworm. I sent her an extreme close-up of a tapeworm. She retracted the statement and told me to never, ever, ever do that again.


Random doodle of a pigeon with goggles for every occasion.

This was my contribution to the 10th anniversary of Midwest Furfest, which was used on the T-shirt designs.

Card for "Black Sheep" a Reinier Knizia game from Final Flight. I think I can probably post this, it's been out for like four years now.

Pig card from "Black Sheep."

White Sheep card from "Black Sheep."

I built a little shrine to St. Frizzle, but was never happy enough with it to finish.

Had an idea...lord, must be five years ago now...for a comic with a squirrel druid. It got sidetracked by a parasitic wasp that laid eggs in people's nightmares and an insane antlered doe, but I remain hopeful that someday something will gel out of all that. Meanwhile, I did a bunch of doodles....

My agent tells me that the saga of Walrus and Radish may have to wait until I am sufficiently famous that editors are willing to take some seriously weird chances on a possibly delusional walrus. I cannot say that she is wrong. I am not sure if that kind of fame is in my future.

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Well, don't wait too long to publish the Walrus and Radish, I'm 80 and may not have that long to hang about for it!!!

(Deleted comment)
Dude, do your publishers not know that Walruses are as big as zombies these days? Where in the radish do they think they are?

...Actually, I would find that kind of fame scary - but I would still like to read the Walrus Radish Chronicles.

I sincerely hope that her agent is able to sell it someday as it is a very sweet story, and I think little kids would love it.

But you know, it's grownups that buy things, and those kinds of grownups might not get it.

First off love the walrus. I would totally read a story about a delusional walrus that hangs out with a radish, especially a walrus as happy as that one.

Second off I would also totally read about squirrel druids sidetracked by parasitic wasps and insane deer. Even if it never happens you have given my brain enough to happily daydream over. :)

Is St. Frizzle available?
For some reason I think he'd look great across the wall from St. Otter

Hell, if you want him, I'll send you the shrine. It's not done enough that I want to sell it, but it's very much at the somebody-get-this-out-of-my-sight stage! E-mail me your address and I'll pop him in the mail this week!

You seem to have beaten the new Painter into proper submission, if that bird there is any indication! Congrats!

I may not be too sure about radishes but that is the most adorable walrus ever.

The least-adorable radish meets the most-adorable walrus!

They fight crime!

*cheers on Walrus and Radish*

Do... do you mind if I make my own squirrel or otherwise small mammalian druid? This idea charms me.

Not at all! The world needs more small furry Druids!

The expression on the white sheep's face is priceless. "Me? You can't possibly be suspecting me."

Oh, dear lord, I would be completely on board with the squirrel druid story. I'm also quite fond of the Christmas tapeworm :)

What is Saint Frizzle the saint of, out of curiosity?

(Deleted comment)
Using my usual setup (Firefox 4.0.1 on a 64-bit Vista machine), I can see those two fine but get nothing at all--not even a blank box--for the pigeon. With IE 9 on the same machine, I can see everything, but the FurFest one took a weirdly long time to load.

Madam Atom

When she mentioned St. Frizzle, did anyone else think of The Magic Schoolbus? Just me....Ok, then.

No, but that would be some spectacular fan art if Ursula did a saint icon of Ms. Frizzle!

Walrus and Radish, yay! Do you still have the sketchbook from MFF that year?

I have found entire applications written in obscure dialects of computer code that bear my name and distinctive writing style, with which I have no real memory of having written other than vague feeling of a "need to do that" in the past and a 48 HR all nighter* filled with caffeine, pizza, and the singing of code fairies hard at work**. After which, I'd awake to find exactly the code I needed after having been slumped face down drooling into the keyboard.

- krin

* real programmers measure the length of their nights not by the setting and rising of the sun, but by the setting of sanity and the rise of unconsciousness.

** see The Programmer and the Elves: a Fairy Tale by Michael Rubin for a similar tale.

Edited at 2011-06-13 02:44 am (UTC)

That fairy tail TALE rocks. (Also, I love how Sandy is never given a gender.)

Edit: I posted that way too early in the morning and the finger-macros picked the wrong word. O:p

Edited at 2011-06-13 01:13 pm (UTC)

Aw, the Walrus and the Radish! I love them!