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There and Back Again

We return from DucKon! That gives us two days to do laundry and run prints, and then we hop in the car to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon, and then when we get back, Kevin gets about six hours of sleep and gets on a plane to Seattle, where he has a job interview (local office, but corporate’s in Washington.) So we are having an Exciting Couple Weeks.

DucKon was a nice little con. I kept telling people that if it was local, I’d totally come back—alas, with economy and all, not really cost-efficient to do it otherwise, but it was a fun little con, nice people, saw some long-time fans I don’t get to see too often, etc. There was a great piece of fan art which was a stained glass version of one of the winged phalloi—it was really marvelous, and I was so pleased to hear it won best in show—totally deserved it, wish I’d made enough money to buy the original! (And the creator gave me a decal version, AND a decal of Danny Dragonbreath—Danny goes on the car, but I think it’ll have to be a stoffice window overlooking the woods for the phalloi…*grin*)

Got to hang with Laura Garbedian and her booth buddy, JT, got to have sushi with Miss Monster, and Tamora Pierce has heard of Digger! And bought two of my books! And is a faithful reader of the Devil’s Panties, and we all got on like a house afire when we explained we were the people from the strip club. I died a little of squee. I mean…Tamora Pierce! EEEEE!

Ahem. Dignity. I has it.

Also, I swiped one of Kevin’s Utilikilts. Doesn’t fit him anymore, but fits me perfectly. I do not know where this article of clothing has been all my life. I may have to buy another one. Dude. The pockets!

Garden’s a little dry in my absence, but most of the plants are fine. A few by the pond are frying, and just plain need moving—too well drained and too sunny. On the other hand, I may finally have a spot that will grow coreopsis. I was thrilled that one of the con-goers ID’d most of the plants in the Prairie in a Teacup painting—the only ones she missed grow a little farther south than Zone 5. (She worked at a nursery.)

I was delighted to find that the bee balm was still flowering, and even more spectacular than when I left. Also, the American beautyberry is just about to flower. I hope it’ll last until I get back! Watered the back, will probably water the front before I go, since it’s looking like a week or two of nuthin’. We could sure use some rain…maybe one of these thunderstorms will finally dump.

Caught a spicebush swallowtail laying eggs on the spicebush potted on the deck. I was very happy. I have been growing that spicebush for YEARS in hopes of that happening, and finally! Woohoo! The spice must flow!

Now back to printing…

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Safe travel and even more Luck sent to Kevin!
I'm holding off sending anything till the end of the month. Expect odd food after that.

Of course, none of your fans on the Left Coast would cry if Kevin were offered a job that brought the both of you over here, but I bet you'd miss your garden like crazy. Well, here's hoping that sales are awesome, the job interview is fantastic, and that it is the kickoff to an awesome summer!

I'll be buying your three recent jackalope prints, if I reach you before they're sold out.

Tamora Pierce! This is good and you should feel good.

Eeeing over Tamora Pierce is a perfectly dignified thing to do. Nay, the ONLY dignified thing to do. *nods firmly*

Yes, that is the ONLY thing to do in that situation.

Tamora Pierce!!

Welcome back! ^_^ Ooh, Tamora Pierce!

Utilikilt, eh? For The Pockets (tm), I put in for a traveler's vest from Orvis myself, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I had an Ultimate Traveler's Vest from them before, which was great until it got worn out. Seems like sketchbook corners tend to weigh heavily on the inside pocket fabric, so that's the first bit to go. x_x

Maybe I should think about leather reinforcing corners for these pockets.

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The decal versions of phalloi and Danny, are they available online?

Am now intrigued by the idea of utilikilts for women. Although their website says "if you're female, call us for fit, it's complicated."

I saw a girl once who had one that she'd had custom hemmed to miniskirt length. It was awfully cute.

(Deleted comment)
I <3 my Utilikilt. They're actually not an uncommon sight in the Seattle area.

I actually considered coming to DucKon just so we could finally meet and I could spend money I don't have buying more of your art :)

You know my phalloi collection isn't growing :)

Perhaps a bit of rubbing?

It was great getting to hang out with you and Kevin for a while, too. Thanks for visiting us! I quite understand about the economy limiting visits, though. Even as close as we are, it's a serious budget concern to attend a convention.

The next time we're down your way, I'll be sure to contact you.

I want to make Utilihakima

There is nothing utilitarian about a hakama.

Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! *deep breath* Eeeeeeeee!!!!!....er, I guess I did a lot of that at the convention too....

It was super awesome getting to talk with you this weekend! And now I have to figure out where I'm going to hang my Ursula Original Blacknosed Rabbit!

For those who want to see the stained glass piece, I've posted it up on my web site. http://sewardstreetstudios.com/ursulas-phalloi-in-flight/

Oh, and did I mention, Eeeeeeeee!!!!!

... That phalloi is absolutely epic.

Yeah, EEEEEE is about my reaction to meeting Tamora Pierce, too! OMG TAMORA PIERCE!

Want some of our rain? We're having an absurdly large amount for SLC.

'twas quite a bit of fun :)
Between you and Jenny you're totally selling me on the utilikilts... sounding like a better and better idea all the time!

eeeeeeeeeee! tamora pierce.

anyhow. In the most recent podcast you talk about johhny appleseed and you missed part of the importance of him. He was a recluse who would keep hopscotching ahead of the edge of the population. But he would set up little apple nurseries using the seeds he would get from the cider-makers when he fled ahead again. This was important because the homestead law said you could only claim the land once you had planted a certain number of fruit trees on it. By his nurseries it meant that the homesteaders could claim the land faster because they were able to get sapling stage trees from this madman. (once there got to be too many people he would sell his nursery and grab another load of seeds and flee further west)