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So another Anthrocon come and gone, and it was a pretty good one for me.

The days when you’d make expenses in the first three hours are, alas, gone with the Great Recession, but I did better than last year. Table sales for me were so-so, but the art show was great (which was the direct opposite of most of the people I talked to, who did okay at the table and badly in the art show.) A lot of that was because of one big piece that found a buyer, who told me, quite touchingly, that it reminded him of his childhood. I was delighted that he was able to take it home. (Me, I was just delighted to win this piece in the auction. I also got to take home one of Tyrrlin’s awesome instrument-birds, and a couple of pieces by an artist I really admire whose handle I cannot for the life of me spell.)

Meanwhile, I had a great time—got to go to the Aviary with Kevin, Diana, and Heather, where their friend Julia works, and we got to pet a penguin! (They are very soft under the chin. Who knew?) It nibbled on Kevin and nearly crapped on his shoes. Typical. I also learned that penguins are very horny little animals, and that video that went around of the penguin being tickled? Yeah, um. Let’s just say that the penguin in question was undoubtedly enjoying it, but probably not in the way that the legions of viewers quite thought. We live and learn. They had some great bird shows, too, and trainers who worked well in adversity when a couple of their stars started misbehaving. (I think we went through on the day that many of the birds got stage-jitters. Turns out that getting a Marshall eagle out of a tree is quite a job.)

Great con in general for hanging out—got to see Miss Monster, Miss Monster’s Hot Friend (who has a name, but who will forever be emblazoned in my mind as such) Laura and JT, Sue and Phil, the Sofawolf Crew, The Many Faces of Blotch, Dave & Diana, the cadre of artists we know and love, and many more. Spent a fun evening hanging with artists and laughing uproariously, met a really fascinating woman who was a crow behavioralist who told us all kinds of amazing and illusion-shredding things about crows.

Great to see the fans, as always, one of whom gave me a totally rockin’ Digger plushie that has gone on my bookcase. The final volume of Digger debuted at this con—it’ll be online soon, expect announcements. (Actually, I suspect that may have accounted for some of the reduced table sales on my end—even the most devoted fan will likely consider a full set of Digger to be more than enough cash spent on one artist at one time. I do not begrudge this in the slightest.) Did not get that many commissions, and it occurred to me finally that I don’t think anybody KNEW I was taking them, so we’ll fix the sign for next time.

Thinking of offering badge commissions ahead of time in the future, but I’m not sure what to charge. They’d be digital because I can’t hand-letter to save my life. I kinda like the badge format—it’s so neat and compact and uncomplicated, but I’m never happy doing them on the spot because of the lettering and the poor paper and all that. Also tempted to try a couple of generic species badges—fox, otter, chicken, etc—and see if those sell. (This grew out of the idea to make a “Designated Sherpa” badge because Kevin is totally my sherpa, and it occurred to me that other artists have people to carry their heavy objects, and something like “Sherpa” or “Minion” might sell, except that “Sherpa” is obviously a yak, and if there are any yak-furries out there, I would like to meet them.

Mind you, I still want to do the yak badge…

Annnnyway. AC left me full of great ideas and completely devoid of the energy to do them, but it was wonderful to see everyone! And Kevin gets back from his trip to Seattle tomorrow morning and I miss him and will be glad he’s home.


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Don't know if this helps, but Wolfie used to draw his by hand, then scan them in and do the lettering digitally. It would drive me nuts that he didn't do the background on a layer, but sometimes you couldn't tell that man ANYTHING. :-)

i personally always wanted "Minion in training" badges, unfortunately i have about as much artistic fu as you average chipmunk. If you to make such thing i would hope you would offer them up where all of us could get at them.

I've met a yak furry, but darn if I can remember her name...

Hah! Yes, I remember the horny penguin video made us bird-workers snicker something awful.

It's 'Martial eagle', by the by -- Polemaetus bellicosus. :)

Thank you for your compliment on my big painting in the art show. that honestly made my con.

I did wonder about that penguin. And by wonder I mean think "Oh my god, that bird is having an orgasm" and then not say it out loud because one does not want to stomp on the illusions of innocent family members...usually...

A friend of mine brought my pear to you to sign, as I couldn't make it down (much as I wanted to). My signed LolWut PearButt is now a prized possession! thanks!

My guy refers to that as being my purse for the day. (Literally, last con I had him carry a messenger bag that my actual purse would easily fit inside, because my purse didn't go with my outfit)

I couldn't make it to A/C this year, but glad it went well! And I hope Kevin recovers from all his running around okay and gets whatever job he was interviewing for. :)

A friend of mine calls her husband the Pack Mule of Love.

Minion badges would totally be awesome!

Also my complimentary vocabulary seems to be stuck in the 80s. Totally!

When I'm tagging along with family, I generally describe myself as a combination of Pack Pony, Banker & Chauffeur, or various subsets depending on the occasion...

Well, he's not a yak, but there's Orvan the ox. http://www.acme-delivery.com/orvan/

Sooo... do you happen to recall whether said crow behavioralist has a website or anything similar? I, too, would like to learn amazing and illusion-shredding things. ~hopeful smile~

It was me actually XD

I'm working on a website for the research group. It's BARE bones, but here you go: http://crowresearchgroup.blogspot.com/

Enjoy :) I should be getting a lot more content up shortly!

I'm glad I was memorable, haha!! I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my friend list!

It was so great getting to meet you and the other awesome folks in the art room. Sorry I provided to be such a distraction!

I am now very curious as to which painting of yours reminded someone of his childhood, and exactly how odd his childhood was.

It was the one of the giant vulture-creature having tea with the blind mouse. I love the story that accompanied it, only Ursula would have come up with it.

I think it is interesting that you like art (the piece you won) that looks like yours. I like art that doesn't look like anything I do.

I saw this blog post about a woman who bought giant metal chicken and I thought of you and Kevin.

Strangely, I thought of them too when I read that post. :)