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This may require some explanation.

So Kevin does this…schtick at cons.

He goes up to an artist friend of ours (one who will appreciate it, generally) and says, in a nasal fanboy voice, “So, like, um, will you draw my character? He’s a sparkledog, right? And he shoots lasers out of his eyes! And he has fluorescent hindquarters, so if you could make them glow? And the lasers should glow too! And I don’t have any money, but I’ll tell everybody you drew the badge…”

By this point, artist in question has usually either begun giggling or weeping quietly into their hands, depending on how long a con it’s been. Frequently they suggest additions—”And I have to leave in an hour, so can you do it right now?”

The absolute winner, hands down, however, has been Skulldog, who said “I have glow-in-the-dark paint with me! I CAN DO THAT!” We are afeared.

At this last con, Tabbiewolf, having heard this schtick, actually took him up on it, and did a very small doodle, using a lot of fluorescent marker. I do not think I have seen Kevin so delighted in a long time.

Well, once the character design had been thus thrashed out, I could hardly allow the matter to rest…I mean, if he’s got a character, he needs a badge, right? RIGHT?

Clearly the greatest thing I have ever painted.

I shall make him wear it at least once. Also, eye lasers are hard.

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I was giggling so hard I disturbed the cat. That's hilarious!

I may have disturbed the Germans sitting next to me.

OK that's awesome =)
and yes, he HAS to wear it

So.... Much.... Win!!!

I used to have a similar spiel to annoy other custom framers, but it's been replaced by the time I got a customer looking for "a frame that is not a frame."

Now this I must hear about....

I totally deserved this.

Ans I LOVE the eyes on it.

Next time, you get turned into a My Little Pony...

but did it get done in an hour?

I am rather embarassed to admit that it took me two.

SparkleKevin: "Kids-- don't do drugs. Do high voltage instead, 'kay?"

Oh my gods that's both horrendous and one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Bet my friend Em at Nightengale Needles could make a SparkleKevin hat if you wanted her to (she was at Anthro, selling hats and bacon-scarves and things.)

Is his paw... sewn on? URGH. OW. **urge to pet rising**

I believe those are claws and piercings.

Gotta show off the hindquarters!

Bah ha ha!
Gallery, please, please, please!
Those other attempts are due their lauds!

There are only two, I don't think that requires an entire gallery.

...Fluorescent hindquarters, on the other hand, are a doozie.

I vote we all do badges of SparkleKevin/alchemist, then dump them all on you guys' table next Anthrocon.

What? It's a perfectly reasonable plan.

I will very seriously buy him a (sparkly, sequined) vest to pin them all on.

Nah, he needs a Utilikilt: Half black canvas, half sequined sparkles!

"SparkleKevin" of the flaming butt?


Oh. My...

That may be the *best* character badge EVER.


*using my Missmonster icon of my character because DUH*


-- A <3

Geeze, I think I saw something like that once... but it had been a long day in a paint-fume filled room...