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Outlining things in white is fun!

The bill of the toucorn has long baffled scientists. While it is known to have been selectively bred by indigenous peoples to achieve the size and succulence present today, genetic testing reveals that the toucorn’s wild predecessor, the teofinchte, has a beak only a few grains long, and no one can quite figure out how anybody managed to breed such a splendid specimen from such unprepossessing beginnings.

(Yes. You read that right. I am making crop science jokes. I am just that geeky. And also I need to keep fooling with my new Painter until I am comfortable with it again.)

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


*snerk* wonderful. totally wonderful.
If this is practice, please, don't let US get in your way! ;)

Thank you so much for filling in this (corn)hole in the literature.

Have you seen Michael Bayleaf's movies about nanites and genetically altered crops, Transfarmers: Rise of the Decepticorns and </i>Revenge of the Pollen</i>? I believe Shia LeBoeuf (it's what's for dinner) was in them.

Re: More please

Falls over ded of the punny.

I hope that this means that there is a teofinchte in your future...

I love this! Especially the texture of the corn.

It looks very very cute... Almost too cute to imagine how testy it would be when grilled with salt :d

Well, depending on how bright the light is, and how tight the handcuffs are, I imagine it could be feeling quite testy when grilled ...

Your crop science jokes are amazing. And the toucorn is adorable.

that may be one of the silliest things that I've ever seen.
I absolutely love it
(and it's nowhere near as Schticky as my Cthulewe)

Teofinchte? (*dies*)

Do teofinchtes fly in flocks?

Alas, I do not understand this joke. My crop science is deficient.


The Doc just directed me here. Wonderful artwork!

Now that is one I want on my wall! So cute!

*snicker* Crop science jokes! *makes note to show this to my burgeoning agriculturist at the library*

(BTW, this sort of thing is why my fifty-mumble brother in law was snorgling and quoting bits out of Batbreath just as much as his twelve-going-on-thirteen year old son.)

Aw, that is just all kinds of adorable.

This makes me happy beyond words. BEYOND WORDS.

As an alum of Concordia College, home of the Cobbers (a giant corn cob), I wish to thank you for this beautiful piece of hilarious art. I never knew corn could be so cute!

and we love you for your geek crop science jokes

That looks like a t-shirt design! I love it!